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why start a blog

So why start a blog?

There are many reasons why you might want to start a blog, but one of the best reasons is that, I feel, blogging is the best job ever!

OK, I know that there are some people for whom blogging wouldn’t work well, so to be completely honest, I should change the title to something like “8 Reasons That Blogging Is One of the Best Jobs Ever.” But that just doesn’t have the same ring to it! And for me, blogging (specifically, about personal finance) really is the best job ever. And I know of many other bloggers who feel the exact same way. Read on to learn why.

1. You can blog about something you are completely passionate about.

Do you love your current job? Does it energize you and make you excited to head to work in the morning? Does your job allow you to give your very best and pour your passion into your work? I truly hope that it does. But according to recent statistics on job satisfaction, the unfortunate reality is that that is probably not the case.

But with blogging, you can write about whatever it is that you truly love. Now, I’m going to be realistic and tell you that if you want to earn a good income you probably need to blog in one of these seven areas, but since those areas are pretty broad and encompass a lot of the topics that most people care about, there’s a good chance you have a strong interest in at least one of those areas.

2. You can help people to improve their lives.

When I first learned about blogging, I was so happy to learn of a realistic way to share my love and passion for personal finance and to help people to improve their financial situations. I had toyed with the idea of going back to school and getting a master’s degree in finance so that I could switch careers and become a financial counselor because I feel so strongly about the importance of this message of managing our money well. And then I learned that you can actually make a good income blogging about personal finance, and I was ecstatic! Because I also love writing and editing (that’s my current career and has been for the last 15 years since I graduated from college), and so being a personal finance blogger felt like the perfect way to marry the two things. As a personal finance blogger I can help even more people than I ever could doing one-on-one counseling and I get to write all the time. The potential reach is limitless. And therefore the personal satisfaction that can come from helping other people to really win with their money is infinite. That’s so amazing to me—it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it, because I think this message is so very vitally important!

3. You have autonomy (you get to be your own boss).

One of my very favorite books (as an avid reader and professional editor I have a lot of favorite books, but this is probably in the top 10) is Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. And one of the quotes that I remember best from that book that has had a strong impact in my life is this one:

“Those three things—autonomy, complexity, and a connection between effort and reward—are, most people will agree, the three qualities that work has to have if it is to be satisfying.”

As I’ve advanced in my career, autonomy has become more and more important to me. And I do have a lot of autonomy in my work, so I am very grateful for that. But I want even more! Five or ten years ago I never wanted to be an entrepreneur, but now because of a stronger desire for autonomy and also because of Malcolm Gladwell’s third point above (a strong connection between effort and reward) and for various other reasons, I am really working and striving to make this blog profitable enough that I can leave my job as a full-time editor to be a professional blogger.

4. You can work from home.

One of the reasons that I wanted to be an editor was because of the potential to work as a freelance editor so that I could work from home when I had children. And we do have several freelance editors on our team where I work. However, since I’m the sole income earner in our family (which we didn’t originally plan to be the case; that’s just how things worked out after we had children because I had the good, relatively stable job), I’ve never felt like that was a realistic option. But because we do have three young children, this dream of working from home has never left me. It’s the primary reason that I started this personal and family finance blog.

My husband and I always planned to have one of us stay home with our children, and my husband was the lucky one in our household who got to be that person. And I admit that he has the harder job, for sure! But it’s also, in my view, the more rewarding one. I’ve always wanted to be able to be home with our children, even though I love my job, and that’s a big part of the reason why I’m giving up my evenings and hobbies (for a time) to blog in my spare time. It’s a sacrifice, but it’s worth it, and even though it’s work, it’s so fun and so rewarding!

If you would like to work from home in order to care for young children or elderly parents or simply to avoid the sometimes toxic corporate culture, blogging is one way that you can make that happen.

5. You can work on a flexible schedule that you create.

With today’s families and all of the extracurricular activities and so much going on, being able to have a flexible work schedule is huge. I love the idea of blogging for a few hours in the morning, going to a water park or traditional park or zoo or museum for a few hours with the kids, blogging for a few hours, doing housework and making dinner, putting my children to bed, and then blogging for another hour or two in the quiet of the evening. This is my ideal work schedule (at least at this stage of my life), and I love that blogging is the kind of job that makes that type of schedule possible! With blogging, you work for yourself, so you work when and for however long you want to.

6. You can work from virtually anywhere.

I know of bloggers (perhaps you do too) who blog while they live full-time in an RV or even a sailboat to travel around and see the sights. How amazing is that? Being location independent is such a huge benefit. You could travel full-time or part-time if you wanted, move as needed to help take care of elderly parents or grandchildren, or snowbird (or better yet, sunbird) to escape unfavorable weather. Or you could just satisfy your wanderlust by moving to a new place every six or twelve months because you’re not tied down to a traditional office job.

7. It takes very little money to start your blogging business.

Unlike some businesses that take thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars to start, blogging doesn’t take much of a capital investment. What it does take is time and discipline and diligence (which most other jobs do too, but you won’t have a boss or anyone else to help keep you on task!). But assuming you already have a personal computer, you can literally start for just a couple hundred dollars. And then you can invest more into the business (such as paying for training or platform upgrades or add-ons or hiring additional help) as you earn money.

8. There is potential for an amazing income.

One of the things that I love about blogging is that you get out of it what you put into it. As I mentioned, another point from Malcolm Gladwell’s quote above that means a lot to me is where he mentions the relationship between effort and reward. I love my full-time job as an editor for a nonprofit organization because the message we share is so important, but there’s not much potential for great income growth. No matter how hard you work or how much extra effort you put in, you’re just not going to get that big of a raise. But with blogging, there are many potential streams of income, and the income you can earn is virtually limitless. Some of these include guest posting, writing sponsored content, advertising on your blog, seeking sponsorships, charging subscription or membership fees for exclusive content, affiliate marketing, and selling products such as books and courses. There are bloggers that I know of who make $20,000 a month, $50,000 a month, $100,000 a month, $200,000 a month, and even more using these different methods of earning income. It really is incredible. Check out this article for more information about the benefits of blogging. And read this article to learn more about how bloggers make money.

Then, read this article to learn how to start a profitable blog. You can also read about some fascinating income reports of bloggers here.

If you know you’re ready to create a profitable blog, I recommend the Blog by Number course and ebook by Suzi Whitford. It’s the course that I took to get started as a newbie blogger. You can complete the course in less than three hours (not all in one sitting, unless you want to! :D) and have an excellent introduction to how to start a blog and how to begin monetizing it in order to earn money.


There are so many great reasons to become a blogger. And even if you think you don’t have anything unique or noteworthy to say, that’s not true! Your voice and your experiences and perspective are an important addition. So if you have a message you want to share, if you enjoy writing and want to help people to change and improve their lives, and if you love the other benefits of blogging like the limitless (passive) earning potential and flexible schedule and autonomy, then give blogging a try! Then you will discover firsthand for yourself why blogging is the best job ever!

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