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Make It Easy Meal Planning Binder

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If you are ready to spend less time and money on food and meal planning and prep, then the Meal Planning Binder will teach you how with simple, easy-to-follow steps and tips. With the Make It Easy Complete Meal Planning Binder you get 40+ pages of printables plus 4 FREE BONUS recipe collections (75 dinner recipes total!) to help you save time, money, and effort each and every month! 

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Learn how to meal plan effectively—and efficiently!—to help you save hours every month and hundreds of dollars each month off your grocery bill! Spend less than an hour a month meal planning and less than an hour a week doing your grocery shopping for your family!

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Make meal planning a snap! save time and money month after month!

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User Testimonials

I really like the Make It Easy Complete Meal Planning Binder and highly recommend it. I feel that it contains so much useful information that will make meal planning so much easier. It provides quick and easy meal ideas, easy freezer meal ideas, a kitchen substitution list, a kitchen measurement conversion, and so much more! It will definitely help you save time and money preparing meals because it’s so well organized. It allows you space to write your families favorite meals, but also gives you ideas for meals.

 Tracy R.

This meal planner is a dream for those that are new to meal planning. It provides you with a ton of helpful information, everything from meal ideas, to conversions and substitutions. It gives you everything you need from start to finish to help you make the most of your time and money with your meal plan.  Take inventory of your stock pile with the pantry, fridge and freezer inventory sheets or check them off on the “pantry staples” checklist

And don’t forget the “things we need to use up” sheet to avoid food and money waste.  Sit down and check out the “quick and easy” sheets and the family favorites to help you determine what meals you can make with what you have. Jot down your meal plan on one of the meal planning sheets, make your grocery list, and off you go.

This meal planner is well thought out and designed to help you succeed and make the most of your grocery budget.


Thank you for your meal planning binder.  Overall, I loved it!  You clearly did a lot of work planning and creating the binder.

I liked the color scheme and I felt that it was cheerful.

I think that the situation we all find ourselves in with the coronavirus really lends itself to the use of your binder.  Planning is huge and I think that hoarding and difficulty finding necessary home goods and groceries has been the most difficult for me.  To see empty shelves was something I only remember as a child during blizzards.  My 90 year-old mother was better able to mentally adjust to this because she said it reminded her of the Great Depression.  Knowing what you have in your home arsenal is the best and most effective way of properly planning meals.  Your binder would be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen!


I needed this binder! It has so many pages that will help me meal plan better and save money. And for those nights that I just don’t feel like cooking? There’s a last minute meal sheet to save the day (and the budget). What a great idea!


I have found this planner style Meal Planning Binder a complete solution for all my food related issues such as budgeting, shopping, planning, list making, inventory keeping, storage, etc., saving me brain power, energy, and money while giving me more time to enjoy my other duties! Stacie poured herself into creating this and it shows in the work. You will find it useful and worthy.

—Tasnuva T.

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Discover how to meal plan and meal prep like a pro!

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