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Hi, my name is Stacie! I’m a professional editor and writer, personal finance blogger, wife, daughter of God, and mama to three beautiful children! You can learn more about me and my family’s financial journey here.

My goal with this blog is to help as many families and individuals as possible in their own financial journeys, wherever they are on their own path. I want to help all those who want to learn to better manage their money so that they can ditch debt, save more, earn more income, invest well, retire in comfort, and give generously. I want to help strengthen America and strengthen the world by strengthening each individual and each family, because I believe with all my heart that when we are stronger financially as individuals and families than our nations and our world are stronger as a result. I love my country and I love this world, and I hope you’ll join with me as we work together to make it an even better place.

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Helping Families Earn More Money

I want to help you achieve your goals and dreams—any of them that are related to money and any of them that will take money. And one of the best ways to achieve your goals and dreams is to earn more money.

Here are a handful of my personal favorite ways to earn more income:

  • Be a top performer at work
  • Seek a promotion or raise
  • Do freelance or consulting work
  • Consider switching employers or career fields
  • Start a side hustle like driving for Uber, renting a room in your home on Airbnb, or renting your car out on Turo.
  • Start a blog (I have to admit that this is my personal favorite way to earn more money! There are so many benefits, and the potential for an amazing income is just one of them)

Find even more ideas for earning more income here!

Helping Families Spend Less Money

One difficult thing about family finance is that there are so many ways to spend money—so many ways! But the good news is that there are just as many ways to spend less money and to save money. You can  reduce your spending in almost every category of your budget starting as soon as today. And with that money you save you can start saving for emergencies, purchasing the things you need with cash, working toward your financial freedom, and building your dream retirement.

Find ideas for spending less money here!

Helping Families Save More Money

Earning more income and spending less won’t do a bit of good unless you are able to save a significant amount of what you currently earn.

It is my firm belief that even though the ability to earn more income has the greatest potential impact on a family, the ability (and willingness) to save that money is the more important factor of the two. And the reason is simple: even though your earning potential is literally limitless (which is so awesome!), unless you learn to control your spending, you will always be broke, no matter how much money you make. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to save money, for your family’s present and future well-being.

Find ideas for saving more money here!

Helping Families Invest More Money

Investing needs to be a part of your family’s financial plan because of the amazing power of compound interest. And the sooner you start investing, the better! I’ll teach you how to invest and what to invest in and how much to invest so that you can make sure you have enough money in retirement to enjoy life, live well, and give generously to causes you care about.

Learn how to start investing (more) for retirement here to build the future of your dreams!

And learn how to start saving for your children’s college educations here.

Helping Families Manage Their Finances

Visit the family finance section of the blog to find helpful information about marriage and money, kids and money, and other topics related to families and finance. Strengthen your family by strengthening your finances!



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I’m a wife, mom, professional writer and editor, and personal and family finance fanatic! Learn about my family’s financial journey.

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