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Save More Money by Identifying Your Financial WHY!

Identify Your Financial Why to Save More Money In this article I am going to share three important ways that starting with why will help you to save more money. W-h-y. Those three letters are incredibly powerful. Understanding your financial why may be your most...

How to Save for a House: 13 Simple Tips to Save Your Down Payment!

How to Save for a House In this article I am going to discuss how to save for a house. Learn 13 simple tips for how to save money for your first house (or your next house)! With these easy steps, you can save money for the down payment for your home in no time! These...

9 Simple Steps to Help You Finally Start Saving Your Money

  How to Start Saving MoneyIt definitely is not always easy to figure out how to start saving money. For many people, saving money just does not come naturally.A recent study found that 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Another study found that 40...

A Simple Alternative to Budgeting: 7 Steps to Manage Your Money

An Alternative to Budgeting Have you struggled repeatedly to create and stick to a budget? Then a simple budgeting alternative may be just the thing to help you get control of and manage your money. Read on to learn this simple alternative to budgeting to help you...

3 Best Practices of Health and Wealth to Lose Weight and Save Money

Best Practices of Health and Wealth In this article I'm going to discuss three best practices of maintaining a healthy weight, and I'm going to compare them to three best practices of managing money well (maintaining a healthy wallet). If you have tried to get in good...

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

May You Have a Very Merry Christmas   Dear Reader, First, I want to thank you for being here! This blog would be much less rewarding if it weren’t for you. I definitely do not take you for granted! Second, I hope and pray that you have a wonderful Christmas. May...

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