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non toy Christmas gift ideas



Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas

In this article I am going to share my best non toy Christmas gift ideas!

Do you feel like I do—that your sweet kiddos already have plenty of toys? (In our case, way too many toys . . .)

The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year! But this year, I want to focus on gifts other than toys!

In this list you will find some of the best non toy Christmas gift ideas, including some classc favorites as well as new ideas that your children will love!

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Best Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Here are some of my favorite non toy Christmas gift ideas for kids of all ages! If you are looking for budget-conscious non toy Christmas gifts for kids, then check out these awesome gifts at a great price!

Click the images and links below for more information about each gift idea!



Coupons for Experiences or Acts of Service

One of the best non toy Christmas ideas (and one of the best gift ideas for non stuff, in general) is to give your children experiences insteead. That could mean a weekend vacation, a nice staycation, a day at a local theme park, an afternoon at their favorite park, or a day where they get to pick to do whatever they want and you get to tag along for the ride. 🙂

If you want to even take things up a notch from there, give your children coupons for acts of service you will do for them, such as doing their chores one day or cleaning their room for them.


Family Passes to a Museum, Theme Park, Zoo, or Similar Venue

Like the non toy Christmas gift idea just above, get a day pass or an annual pass to a theme park, zoo, museum, or similar place could be a wonderful way to spend some great time with your kids.

Books Your Kids and Family Will Love


Reading to kids is so important. Leaders are readers, and the average millionaire reads a nonfiction book a month. So to help set your children up for long-term success in life, instill a love of reading in them. 🙂

Here are a list of some of our favorite books:

Christmas story books

Easter books

Bible story books

Animal books

Train books

Eric Carle books

Dr. Suess books

Sandra Boynton books

Berenstein Bears books

Beverly Cleary books (my daughter loves these, just like I do :))

Ann M. Martin books


Best Movies for Kids

Find some of the all-time best (most popular) movies for kids!



Sports Balls

Playing ball is a great way to keep kids active and help them to learn important life skills like teambuilding. Find great deals on sports balls for kids.




Sport Equipment for Kids

And find ideas for other awesome sports equipment for kids, as well!


Bikes are a great way to keep the whole family active and doing something fun together! These are some of the most popular bikes for kids.



Our kids love their scooters. Scooters are another great way to get your kids exercixing and keep them active. Click to find some of the most popular scooters for kids of all ages.



Rollerblades are another great way for the kids or the whole family to enjoy being active. Check out these popular rollerblades for kids.


Musical Instruments for Kids

Nurture your children’s musical inclinations with fun musical instruments like electric keyboards, ukuleles, guitars, drum sets, and more!


Music Lessons

A great companion gift to a musical instrument is music lessons for your children to learn how to play the instrument. (You may want to buy some ear plugs for you, at least for the early days. :))



Puzzles are a great way to help build critical thinking and problem solving, and they are a great way to keep kids quietly engaged for hours. 🙂

Science Kits

""” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Science and experiment kits are another great way to help your children learn and to foster their imagination.

Piggy Banks


Teaching your kids to work hard and to manage money well is so important! Get them into the habit of saving when they are young so that they have a better chance of being savers when they are adults.

You will love all of the fun options for piggy banks to choose from.


Art Sets

My kiddos love to color and draw and marker and paint—and I bet that yours do, too! Check out these awesome art sets for kids of various ages!



New bedding could be the perfect thing to brighten up your kiddos’ rooms.


Christmas (Easter, Winter, Themed) Outfits

I try to not get caught up in buying new outfits for our kiddos for every occasional, but we have gotten Christmas dresses for our girls and a Christmas outfit for our son each Christmas. (Bonnie Jean dresses, like the dress above, are my favorite!) The Christmas dresses are just so pretty, and it’s a great time to get family pictures, too!



If your kiddos need some new clothes anyway, why not kill two birds with one stone and get them some for Christmas?



And children’s shoes are another great option, if your kiddos need them.

Electronics for Kids

We’re careful about the time our kids spend in front of a screen, but even they each have their own tablet (because that’s admittedly easier than risking World War III all the time). Of course we got them for a great deal. And the electronics below are a great deal, as well.



LCD Writing Tablet

We do not have one of these, but I think the idea is totally cool! We go through a lot of blank paper (a lot of blank paper), particularly because of my older daughter the aspiring artist, and so having a little writing/drawing tablet like this would be awesome. I’ll have to give that some thought …



Handheld Game Console for Kids

These awesome portable retro game console bring back fond memories! (Hey, I still have a Super Nintendo—that I love! No judging! :)) And at just $20, these are an awesome deal!

Fire HD 8 Tablet

The 8″ HD Fire tablet is a great deal if you are looking for a fast, long-battery life, durable tablet.



Final Thoughts on Non Toy Christmas Gifts for Kids

Non toy Christmas gifts can be a great way to give your children more opportunities to learn and develop new skills. And with so many options, the possibilities for fun really are endless!  

What are your favorite non toy Christmas gifts for kids this year? What frugal  non toy Christmas gifts for kids do you recommend? I would love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment below and let me know!


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