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money challenge

Money Challenge

Are you looking to do a money challenge in order to save more money or save money fast? In this article I am going to share some of my favorite money challenges that can help you to reach your financial goals!


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Money Challenge: 11 Simple Money Challenges to Help You Save!

There are a lot of great benefits to doing a money challenge! They can help you to save more money or to save money quickly, and they can help you to break money habits that are preventing you from managing your money well and reaching your financial goals. In this article I share some of my favorite money challenges!


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1. The no spend challenge

Probably my favorite money challenge is the no spend challenge. One huge benefit of doing a no spend challenge is that it is a great way to pay off debt fast or save money quickly! Do you have credit card or other debt you need to get rid of? Do you want to pay down your auto loan or your student loan debt? Get it paid down by participating in a no spend challenge!


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Do you want to save money quickly to take a trip, pay for needed home maintenance, or pay for another large purchase or expense with cash? This money challenge is a great way to save quickly for those things, too!

A no spend challenge is where you go for a week, two weeks, or even a month or more either without spending any money at all or without spending money on anything besides the bare essentials or without spending money in a particular category such as groceries or clothing.

Note: Learn how to save $500 a month with 5 simple frugal living hacks!

By participating in a no spend challenge, you can save a lot of money that you can use toward things like:

A no spend challenge has the potential to not only help you save money (sometimes a lot of money) but it can also really help you change the way you look at money and potentially even change your whole financial future.

Read on to learn how to complete a no spend challenge successfully!

And don’t think that you can’t have any fun during a no spend challenge! There are still tons of fun things that you can do! Find more than 90 free and fun activities that you can do during a no spend challenge here!


2. 30-day money challenge

The 30-day money challenge is another great way to save money fast. 

With the 30-day challenge, you work to save as much money in a month as possible by cutting spending in various areas.

There are many, many ways that you can save money (here are more than 150 ideas for easy ways to save money!), but here are some of the main ones where you can really make a difference in your spending:

Find more information on this topic and 13 ideas for how to save money fast!

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3. The 52-week money challenge

There are a number of ways that you can do a 52-week money challenge. One of the most fun may be to start by depositing just $1, and then increase that amount each month by $1. So the first week you deposit $1 in your savings account, the second week you deposit $2, the third week you deposit $3, and so forth. By the last week you will deposit $52, and your total money saved with just this simple money challenge will be $1,378! Pretty awesome, right?

This could be a great way to save up for something like a paid-for vacation, new appliances or furniture you want to buy, a simple home remodeling project or renovation, and more!

For a simpler 52-week money challenge, you can commit to save some realistic amount each week, such as $25 or $50. If you saved $25 a week for 52 weeks, you would have $1,300. So you would save about the same amount as with the money challenge above, the math would just be easier. 🙂 If you saved $50 a week, you would have $2,600, and that would likewise be a great achievement!

Another 52-week money challenge, though this one requires a pretty serious savings commitment, is to save $100 each week for 52 weeks. By the end of the year, you have saved $5,200! That is pretty amazing! Yes, it will take discipline and dedication and managing your monthly budget well (learn how to start budgeting here!), but it could help you fund some amazing things! For example, this is an excellent way to nearly max out your Roth IRA. Find awesome tips for how to fully fund your Roth IRA this year here.

Haven’t really started investing yet? Learn 5 simple steps (and get the new investor cheat sheet!) to start investing here!


4. Reverse 52-week money challenge

The 52-week money challenge is a fun and simple way to save money, but it does get progressively more challenging as the year continues. The reverse 52-week money challenge is in some ways easier because you start out saving $52 the first week, then $51 the next week, then $50 the week after that, and you decrease the amount that you save each week by $1. So by the last week of the challenge, you only need to save $1. If you are like me and like to get the hard stuff out of the way first (for example, I always like to run uphill first so I can run downhill at the end when I don’t have as much energy; just makes sense, right?), then this may be a great alternative for you.


5. The spare change challenge

The spare change money challenge is just like you are probably imagining—with this challenge you save in a jar or jars (or plastic bottles; whatever you have on hand) all of the change that you collect in a specified amount of time, such as six months or a year.

One big benefit of this challenge is that you have to use cash to do the challenge. And a huge benefit of using cash is that it can help you to be more intentional with your spending because you actually see the money leaving your wallet or purse. It is often easier to swipe a debit card and pay $7 for lunch or $9 for a cute blouse that is on sale than it is to see that same amount leaving your wallet and to see your bills dwindling down.

For that reason, some financial experts, like Dave Ramsey, are big advocates of using cash envelopes especially for categories like groceries, eating out, entertainment, and fun (spending) money.

But even if you don’t like to use cash, you can still take advantage of this money challenge by using an app such as Chime or Qapital. With these apps, they take your spending transactions and round them up to the nearest dollar, and that amount goes into savings. If you want to go even beyond saving, you can check out an app like Acorns, where they actually invest the difference instead of saving it. 


6. The $5 or $10 money challenge

This is another pretty simple and potentially fun challenge. With the $5 challenge, you save all of the $5 bills that you get throughout the year (or for some other specified amount of time, such as six months or three months). Similarly, with the $10 challenge, you save all of the $10 bills that you get throughout the year or for a designated amount of time.


7. Summer vacation saving challenge

Do you know the best kind of vacation? It’s the kind of vacation that doesn’t follow you home in the form of credit card payments. 🙂

In order to plan a less stressful summer vacation this year, set up a travel or vacation savings fund (learn how here!) so that you can enjoy a debt-free, fret-free summer vacation!


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8. Christmas money saving challenge

Another great money challenge is to save for a debt-free Christmas! Before you begin your Christmas money-saving challenge, figure out how much you would like to spend on Christmas (and also consider if you could maybe spend less on Christmas). And then determine how quickly you can save that amount. So if you would like to save $1,000 for Christmas and you want to save that amount in about 3 months, by say Thanksgiving weekend, then you save about $83 a week to have your $1,000. Or if you want to spend $500 on Christmas, you could save just $40 or $50 a week for three months.


Also check out this article on 5 simple steps to save for a debt-free Christmas and consider doing a November no spend challenge to save money for a debt-free Christmas!


9. Save $5,000 money challenge

For this money challenge, your goal is to save $5,000 in a specified amount of time. Probably the most popular $5,000 money challenge is to save $5,000 in a year.

You can of course use whatever increments you want (such as those used in this $5,000 money challenge found on one of my favorite money gurus Clark Howard’s website), but I like to keep things simple. So my favorite $5,000 money challenge is to simply save $100 a week (and then you either end up with an extra couple hundred dollars after a year, or you can have a week or two where you can take a bye, such as the week of Christmas).


10. Save $10,000 money challenge

The $10,000 money challenge is not for the faint of heart! Again, I like to keep things simple, so my preferred $10,000 money challenge is to save $200 a week (and then, again, you can have two weeks off where you won’t need to save the $200. Another pretty simple way to do this is to save $125 every first week of the month, $150 every second week, $175 every third week, and $300 in the fourth week. With that challenge, the last month you need to save a little more aggressively; you would save $200 the first week, $225 the second week, $250 the third week, and $325 to finish off your $10,000 money saving challenge.

Saving $10,000 in a year is not easy, but it is an amazing way to save up the money to reach awesome financial goals like saving for your emergency fund, buying a car with cash, or saving up the money for a down payment on your first home!


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11. Retirement savings challenge

And finally, another great money challenge is to do a retirement savings challenge. One easy way to do this challenge is to increase the percentage of your paycheck that goes to retirement by 1 percent each month. So if you are not currently saving for retirement, you would start with 1 percent the first month, and by the 12th month, you would be saving 12 percent of your paycheck toward retirement. That is an awesome accomplishment!

You can learn 5 simple steps to start investing for retirement here. In this article I will walk you through the types of retirement accounts I recommend, the types of mutual funds I recommend, the amount that I recommend that you invest for retirement, the brokerage firms I recommend, and more!


And sign up below to join the free 5-day Invest Your Money challenge and start your path to investing success today!


Final Thoughts on Money Challenges

Doing a money challenge is a great way to make saving money fun! And it can be a good way to save money fast, as well!

Make a goal to participate in one or more of these money challenges, and jump-start your savings today!

For even more ways to save money, check out these related articles:

I can’t wait to hear about the great things that you will accomplish with the money you are able to save!

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