Learn how to develop a healthy money mindset to help you stop holding yourself back so you can reach your financial goals and build the wealth you want and deserve

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Mastering Your Money Mindset

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Gain the knowledge and skills you need to master your money mindset with not one but two copies of the Mastering Your Money Mindset workbook (one for her and one for him, in complementary colors)!

Each workbook has 40+ unique pages that will teach you how to change your money mindset from one of scarcity to abundance!

These workbooks will help you to develop a healthy and positive view of money and wealth, examine your money background and identify your money values, and make powerful financial goals that will change your money habits and your life!  

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Mastering Your Money Mindset

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Regular retail price $37

Save 70% off!

Get the simple tools to help you develop a healthy money mindset!

Mastering Your Money Mindset workbook

The Mastering Your Money Mindset Workbook

If you have fears, limiting beliefs, or unhealthy views about money or wealth, or if you just want to develop a healthier outlook on or view of money and wealth, then this workbook will help you! Learn how to develop a growth mindset, transform feelings of scarcity to abundance, create positive money values for you and your family, identify the obstacles that are keeping you from building wealth and set goals to overcome them, and more!


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I’m Stacie; editor by day, writer and blogger by night. My husband and I have three young kiddos, a dog, and two cats who all keep us on our toes! We never have a dull moment!

After getting buried in debt and making plenty of financial mistakes, I went on a quest to learn all that I could about finance and money. My husband and I have now paid off over $260,000 in debt, including our mortgage! 

I founded Families for Financial Freedom to help parents just like you to succeed with their finances and succeed at life! My mission is to strengthen families by strengthening family finances.

I create resources to help you stop living paycheck to paycheck, start to save and pay off debt, reach your goals and achieve your dreams, and build a home and a life that you love! Learn how to earn more, spend less, save more, and invest more so that you can achieve financial fredom!


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Transform your money mindset and start to achieve your desires to live the life you dream of!

Get control of your mind and your money, starting today!

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