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save money on lunch to become a millionaire

How Eating a Simple, Inexpensive Lunch at Work Can Make You a Millionaire

Lunch is a meal that you can keep oh-so-cheap and easy if you choose to! I primarily eat either a peanut butter sandwich, a ham and cheese sandwich, a simple green salad, or leftovers for lunch every day at work, so it keeps things very simple and inexpensive.

To me eating a simple, cheap meal for lunch every day at work is totally worth it to save the tons of money that we are able to every year by not buying work lunches at the nearby food court or even the cafeteria where I work. If I bought lunch every workday it would cost over $100 per month (if I bought inexpensive lunches). By bringing lunch every day and investing the saved money in my Roth 401(k) and Roth IRA instead, that money can grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

In fact, if you invested just that $100 a month in your retirement fund from age 25 to age 65 and earned an annual average rate of return of 11 percent, which is very doable long term, you would have $774,992! If you were able to earn an annual average rate of 12 percent, also doable long term with good growth stock mutual funds, you would have $1,030,970! Isn’t that $1,000,000 worth bringing inexpensive lunches from home to eat at work?! It sure is to me! I love the power of compound interest!

Are you ready to start getting serious about investing for your future? Learn how to start investing for retirement here.

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Do you bring lunch to work in order to save money? If so, what do you bring to eat? I would love to hear how you are able to save money by brown-bagging your lunches for work. Or would you be willing to give it a try if you regularly buy your lunch now while at work? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!



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