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fun things to do at home with kids

Fun Things to Do at Home with Kids!

Find 101 free, fun things to do at home with your kids! These fun, free activities are perfect for your family when you are at home and determined to not spend any money!

These free, fun no-spend activities will give you hours of good times with your family without needing to spend a dime!


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What activities can kids do at home?

Whether you are looking at a regular weekend, a long weekend, spring break, summer break, or another longish stretch of time where you will have your kids at home, you can find tons of things to do with them that are not only fun but free!

Below I share a list of some of the activities that we love to do as a family with our three young kiddos as well as other ideas for activities you can do with kids at home. With this long list, you will have plenty of ideas to keep you busy, whether you have a weekend looming or an entire summer vacation!

What can a family do when bored at home?

If you are looking for boredom busters, then this is the article for you!

The funny thing is, I have taught my young kiddos that if they ever tell me that they are bored, I have plenty of chores that they can do around the house. 🙂 And guess what? They don’t tell me that they are bored anymore!

I really do think that boredom is a choice, and with so many fun (and free!) options out there to keep us entertained these days at home, I don’t see how anyone could really be bored. If you just use a little bit of creativity (and get ideas from the list below, of course!), then you really should never be bored at home again!


How Can I Have Fun at Home with Kids?

I feel that having fun is a choice, a state of mind. 🙂 You can have fun doing anything that you choose to enjoy! You can make doing chores together, such as doing the dishes, folding laundry, cleaning the family room, pickiing up toys, cleaning out the garage, and setting the table for dinner fun.

You can make budgeting fun. You can make running errands and paying bills fun. (Well, OK, maybe paying bills isn’t exactly fun—but it can bring a great feeling of satisfaction and peace!

But reaally, you can choose to make almost anything fun! In this article I share dozens of ideas for fun and creative activities you can do at home with kids, but just remember that even when you are doing the have-tos and not just the want-tos, you can make the time you have together as a family with your children not only enjoyable but fun, as well!


101 Super Fun, Free Activities to Do at Home with Kids!

Here are more than 100 things that you can do at home with your kids to enjoy time with your family! You and your kiddos will love these many stay at home kids activities!

  1. Play your favorite family sport in the backyard together.
  2. Have a reading marathon together where you take turns reading some of your favorite books to each other.
  3. Call or do a video chat with cousins or your kiddos’ friends.
  4. Call or do a video chat with grandma and grandpa.
  5. Play dolls or superheroes.
  6. Play together with your kids’  favorite toys (play ponies, play cowboys, play puppies, play Barbies—anything where you have enough of the toys or figurines that everyone can have one and be part of building your own adventure). This is one of my own kids’ very favorite activities, and something they are happy to spend hours doing!
  7. Play pirates or battleships.
  8. Build a simple race track and have a race.
  9. Make chocolate milk or hot cocoa and make and decorate homemade donuts.
  10. Make and decorate cookies.
  11. Make banana splits or hot fudge sundaes.
  12. Make caramel popcorn and watch a favorite show, play games, or talk.
  13. Read a favorite story together.
  14. Read the scriptures together or illustrated stories from the Bible.
  15. Retell a favorite story.
  16. Reenact a favorite story.
  17. Write and act out a simple play.
  18. Color or marker together.
  19. Draw rainbows.
  20. Play house (or family, as my five-year-old daughter likes to call it) or school or bakery (or ice cream shop—you get the idea :)).
  21. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house.
  22. Draw a map and go on a treasure hunt (my kids love this one!).
  23. Paint together.
  24. Do finger painting.
  25. Paint your kids’ fingernails and toenails.
  26. Play simple games like “Duck, Duck, Goose,” “Simon Says,” “Musical Chairs,” “Hot Potato,” “London Bridges,” “Follow the Leader,” and so on.
  27. Have a tea or hot cocoa party.
  28. Play dress-up.
  29. Form a band (create or gather simple musical instruments to play together as a family).
  30. Dance together.
  31. Choreograph a simple dance routine.
  32. Have a competition playing your favorite family-friendly video game toghether.
  33. Do aerobics or other exercises together.
  34. Do yoga or Zumba together.
  35. Do simple (maybe edible!) crafts together. Find ideas for kids crafts here.
  36. Give the kids a bubble bath.
  37. Play age-appropriate board games and card games together.
  38. Invite another family over for games or a movie night.
  39. Play with wooden blocks.
  40. Play with marble tube games.
  41. Play with plastic building blocks.
  42. Do puzzles together.
  43. Do chalk art.
  44. Blow bubbles.
  45. Write a silly poem or story together, or have everyone write their own and share them once everyone is done.
  46. Do an add-on story, where everyone writes a few lines of a story and then passes it on to others to add on to until everyone has written a few lines for every story. Then have everyone read the silly story that they started.
  47. Use a flashlight in a darkened room to make shadow puppets.
  48. Build a fort out of chairs or sectional furniture and large sheets or blankets.
  49. Let the kids help to make a simple favorite family meal.
  50. Try a new recipe together.
  51. Play on your swing set.
  52. Jump on the trampoline.
  53. Play in your sandbox.
  54. Color with chalk on the sidewalk.
  55. Play tag  (or freeze tag, TV tag, superhero tag, or another favorite variation of tag) in the backyard.
  56. Play hide and seek or sardines.
  57. Let your kids help you garden or do other yard work.
  58. Play catch.
  59. Play Frisbees.
  60. Play kickball or football.
  61. Go camping as a family in the backyard (if it is warm enough).
  62. Plan your next family vacation together. Be sure to get plenty of input from your kiddos!
  63. Make homemade pizza together (you could let each person make their own personal pizza).
  64. Watch a sunrise or sunset together.
  65. Go stargazing together in your backyard or front yard. (We love to do this lying togher on our trampoline on warm summer nights).
  66. Wash your dog.
  67. Wash your car (ensuing water fight optional, but highly recommended! :)).
  68. Tie a quilt together to give away to someone or to have as a family keepsake.
  69. Make indoor or outdoor s’mores.
  70. Have a hot dog or marshmallow roast in the backyard or up the canyon.
  71. Go “camping” in your family room for the night (my kids love this one!).
  72. Watch videos of your family (hook your phone up to the computer, or just watch on your phone), or scroll through family photos (my kids love doing these two activities and regularly request them—because they are the stars of their own show!).
  73. Watch a movie together (let your kids pick it), or have a kid-friendly movie marathon.
  74. Play a family-friendly video game together (let your kids choose it).
  75. Decorate hard-boiled eggs, cookies, donuts, fruit pizza, or other fun edibles.
  76. Make tie-dye shirts together using food coloring.
  77. Bake a favorite dessert together.
  78. Go on an Easter egg, Easter basket, Halloween bucket, Christmas stocking, or other treasure hunt where the treasure is that item filled with candy (even if it is not that holiday; my kids like to do Easter egg hunts any time of the year—and why wouldn’t they, when the reward is candy or another fun treat?!).
  79. Watch a favorite YouTube family together.
  80. Make silly hats together out of construction paper or even colored printer paper.
  81. Listen to fun kids’ music together.
  82. Eat watermelon or another favorite fruit together.
  83. Play hopscotch, jacks and balls, pickup sticks, dominoes, or another family favorite together.
  84. Look for four-leaf clovers in the yard.
  85. Build a bird feeder together.
  86. Lay a blanket out on the grass (or lie on the trampoline) and watch the clouds together.
  87. Have a fashion show.
  88. Have a pajama party.
  89. Play with hula hoops or jump ropes.
  90. Make simple homemade kites. If you have a big enough property, fly kites.
  91. Bob for apples or eat donuts from a string (hands free!).
  92. Rearrange the kids’ bedroom or the family room or another room.
  93. Make a box fort or a box tower.
  94. Make a bonfire in the backyard and sing around the fire or tell stories or just talk about what is going on in your kids’ lives.
  95. Talk with your kids about what they want to be when they grow up. (Give them some gentle guidance, if they are old enough where a career is getting closer.)
  96. Research fun and serious career options with your kids online.
  97. Learn a line dance together.
  98. Play I Spy, Simon Says, or 20 Questions.
  99. Play charades.
  100. Make a time capsule together. Invite each person to include one or more of meaningful items, and designate when in the future you will open the capsule.
  101. Ask your children what they want to do, and then do it! 🙂



There are so many fun, free activities you can do to keep your kids entertained at home! Enjoy special time together by doing free, fun activities with your children in your home, day or night!

If you take the opportunity to do so, your family could really be strengthened by growing closer together as you spend quality time together! Whether inside or out, you will find ideas for hours of fun activities for your kiddos or for the whole family to do while at home!


What free, fun activities do you love to do with your kids at home? I would love to hear what fun and free activities you and your kiddos do as well, so leave a comment below and let me know!

fun things to do at home with kids

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