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Find ideas for 27 freelance writing jobs you can do from home (or anywhere)!

Freelance Writing Jobs

In this article I am going to discuss some of the best potential freelance writing jobs available for those who love to write and who are looking for awesome freelance opportunities.


27 Amazing Potential Freelance Writing Jobs

As an English major and a professional editor and freelance writer (and now blogger!), writing is something that is near and dear to me. If you are able to write (and therefore communicate) effectively, there are many job opportunities that are available to you as a freelance writer.

Many of these job opportunities are directly related to writing, like the majority of the freelance writing jobs that I will mention in this article, but they don’t have to be. Freelance writers can work in any job where effective and persuasive communication is a must. If you’re a writer at heart like me, there are some great freelance writing jobs available in today’s job market. Read below to learn about more than 20 of them.


1. Become a professional blogger.

My favorite freelance writing job is blogging. 🙂

I admit that I put this potential freelance writing job first because it’s my personal favorite! I love blogging (what I really mean to say is, it’s one of the best jobs ever!) because of the limitless earning potential and, even more, because I love to write and to share my thoughts about personal finance and help people win with their money! And I love blogging because you totally work on your own schedule, from home or from anywhere you want!

Read this article to learn how to create a profitable blog. You can also read about some amazing income reports of bloggers here. I know of bloggers who make $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000 and more a month! It’s incredible!

There are several ways that you can earn income as a blogger, including the following: affiliate marketing (see below), guest posts, advertising, subscription or membership fees, and selling products.

If you’re interested in creating a profitable blog, I recommend the Blog by Number course and ebook by Suzi Whitford. It’s the course that I took to get started as a new blogger. You can complete the course in less than three hours (but not all in one sitting, unless you want to! :)) and have an excellent introduction to how to start a blog and how to begin monetizing it in order to earn money.

And when you know you’re really serious about earning money as a blogger, then I also recommend that you sign up for Elite Blog Academy, the excellent course that I took to learn how to become a profitable blogger. The course is a significant investment in time and money, but if you do the work and put in practice the things that you learn, it is definitely worth the money many times over. But the course only opens up once a year, so sign up for the waiting list here!


Sign up for the Elite Blog Academy wait list!

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Missed the deadline or don’t have the money to invest in the course just yet? You can still get a ton of free resources available from Elite Blog Academy that will help you start and grow your blog! One of the best for new bloggers (or bloggers who want to start earning money, or more money, from their blogs) is the Secret Blueprint for Blogging Success! Click the link to download this awesome free resource!



2. Do freelance editing.

Another great potential freelance writing job is to do freelance editing.

I earned my degree in English and did a minor in editing (now they even have the major available in editing!), and I have worked as a professional editor for my full-time job for 15 years and have also been doing freelance editing and writing for 15 years. I really enjoy the work because I get to learn a lot of cool things and learn about subjects I probably never would otherwise. To find freelance editing and writing jobs, check out Upwork or to see the many opportunities available. Turn your passion or hobby into an awesome part-time or full-time income!


3. Do freelance proofreading.

In addition to freelance writing and editing, freelance proofreading is another great option! If you have an excellent eye for detail, being a professional freelance proofreader might be just the job for you! If you’re interested in this line of work but don’t have any former training as a proofreader, check out this excellent, free 60-minute workshop by my friend Caitlyn Pyle from Proofread Anywhere to learn more about becoming a professional freelance proofreader.

Discover how you can get started and begin earning money as a proofreader today! If you enjoy reading and are a detail oriented, conscientious, and thorough person, proofreading could be a great career for you! Sign up for this excellent, free 60-minute workshop now to learn more!


4. Become an affiliate marketer.

You can earn an amazing income through affiliate marketing! It’s another awesome potential freelance writing job. It was actually through reading the income reports of Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, who makes more than $50,000 a month through affiliate marketing, that I first realized the incredible earning potential of blogging in general and affiliate marketing in particular.

And when I decided that I was going to go all in and give blogging my best effort to see if I could become a full-time blogger, Michelle’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing was the first course that I bought. In the course, Michelle walks you through the basics of affiliate marketing and the best ways to make money through affiliate marketing.

If you believe that starting a blog (or even using Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or other social media sites) to earn affiliate income is something you would enjoy and be good at, then I strongly recommend that you take Michelle’s course and incorporate affiliate marketing as one of your methods of generating income.

Read this article for more information on what affiliate marketing is and how it can be used by freelance writers to earn an amazing income.


5. Write books or ebooks.

Writing books or ebooks is another great freelance writing opportunity. These days, it is easier than it has ever been before to self-publish books and ebooks! You can self-publish and sell your books on Amazon or another site, or you can sell them on your own website or blog. And you do not need any fancy software to do it. You can create the text in Word and use a free tool like Canva to design your cover, add images, and more!

Because I graduated with an English degree (though this is apparently true of most Americans—I read a statistic recently that 81 percent of Americans want to write a book someday), I’ve always had the idea of writing a book in the back of my mind. And because I love personal finance and have for almost 15 years now, I have definitely thought about writing a book about personal finance.

And that’s one of the reasons that I started writing on this blog, was to have a way to work to put out great content and gain an audience so that I could write personal finance books that will really help many people to change their lives. You can do the same thing in the niche that you are passionate about!

For a great resource for how to publish your first ebook, I highly recommend the course Ebook by Number, by Suzi Whitford. In the course, she teaches you how to write, design, and launch your first ebook! I have taken several of Suzi’s courses, and they have all been excellent. She teaches in a fun, personable way that makes the content easy to learn. And she really cares about her students and helping them to be successful!

You can also turn your ebook into an audiobook with Audible so that it is available in another format, which can broaden your reach (and your revenue) even farther.


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6. Develop online courses.

Creating online courses can be another great freelance writing job. If you have something that you are passionate about and know a lot about, then developing a course on that subject could be a great way to monetize your know-how!

One easy way to do that is to take your content from a book or ebook and develop it into a course. Once you have written one or more books, you can look at expanding that content into online courses using platforms such as Teachable, Udemy, and Thinkific. One great thing about these platforms is that you can build your course for free and then pay a percentage of your earnings as people actually buy the courses, so there is not a lot of up-front costs.

To learn how to create your first course, I recommend Course by Number by Suzi Whitford. This course, like all of her courses, is an easy to understand, engaging resource that walks you through the process of creating your first course step by step!


7. Do email marketing.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to generate sales. You can do email marketing to promote your freelance writing, as a way to make money blogging, or to promote any online or brick-and-mortar business that you already have or that you create.

One effective method of email marketing is to create a product funnel using a series of emails that provide helpful information to your audience, where you teach them and encourage them and also gently lead them to buy products or services (either your own or someone else’s, in which case you get a commission through partnerships or affiliate marketing).

For a great resource on how to do effective email marketing, I recommend Suzi Whitford’s course List by Number.


8. Be a content strategist.

Content strategists plan, create, and manage online content for businesses. They use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and study site analytics to determine what kind of content is working and to adapt content as needed.


9. Become a copy writer.

Copy writers write advertising copy in order to promote sales of a company’s products and services. You can find many available freelance writing jobs for copy writers on sites like Upwork and


10. Work as a technical writer.

 Technical writers create user guides, instructional manuals, handbooks, and similar technical publications. They are able to take technical jargon and write it in a way that makes sense to average readers. They work with subject matter experts to gather information and document and explain often complex processes. Technical writers are in fairly high demand and generally make very good salaries. Check out or your favorite job board website for opportunities. 


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11. Teach college or private high school English and related courses.

Even without a teaching degree, you can teach English, literature, and related courses at colleges and private high schools if you have adequate experience and education (such as a master’s degree, for community colleges). To teach in many private high schools, a bachelor degree in a related field is often sufficient.




 12. Be a speechwriter.

Another great freelance writing job is to be a speechwriter. Speechwriters often work with government officials and politicians, business leaders, celebrities, and other public figures to help them craft their public messaging. They can also work with public relations firms. They often have degrees in English, journalism, communications, or political science.


13. Be a screenwriter.

Do you love the film and video industry? Then you may want to explore working as a screenwriter. Screenwriters develop movie and television show scripts, adapt novels and nonfiction works for film, write episodes of TV shows, write commercial scripts, and more.


14. Work as a journalist or columnist.

If you enjoy keeping up with current events and interviewing people, you may make a good journalist or columnist. A journalist is someone who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites. A columnist is similar to a journalist, but generally does not write for just one news outlet. The number of these professionals has declined in recent years, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue this career if you are interested in it.


15. Work as a communications specialist.

Being a communications specialist is another great career option for freelance writers. Communications specialists represent companies and organizations in their correspondence with others. They often work with public relations specialists to craft messages such as press releases and to respond to media requests. They can also help to manage public events on behalf of the organization they represent. They often work with marketing teams and PR representatives to ensure a positive and consistent message that accurately represents a company and helps to build their brand and build customer loyalty.


16. Become a web content writer.

As a web content writer, you work for a company (or possibly more than one, as a contract employee or freelancer) to research and write content for the web such as articles, landing page content, and blog posts. Being familiar with search engine optimization techniques is a must.


17. Be a grant writer.

Grant writers use their persuasive skills to write to potential donors to secure funding for their nonprofit or other organization. Many organizations use them as one of their primary means of receiving funding. Check out or similar sites for opportunities.


18. Be a proposal writer.

Proposal writers often prepare written materials to persuade businesses to buy products or services, generally by preparing documents related to pricing and marketing. They review requests for proposals (RFP) in order to develop solid proposals to secure business contracts.


19. Become a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting is another great option for finding freelance writing jobs. Ghostwriters work behind the scenes to write material for books, blogs, or social media content. As a ghostwriter, you help take someone else’s ideas, research, or history and turn it into compelling content. It can be a lot of fun!


20. Become a travel writer.

If you love to visit new places, look into becoming a travel writer, where you create content for publications such as travel magazines and guidebooks, blogs, and articles. Bon voyage!


21. Work as a social media manager.

If you are good at social media, this could be the perfect job for you. As a social media manager, you manage social media accounts for one or more clients. You might publish (and even write) content for various social media platforms, as well as work in other ways (such as through advertising) to increase social media reach and followers.


22. Work as a virtual assistant.

Another great job opportunity for freelance writers is to become a virtual assistant. If you enjoy doing administrative work or helping to run social media setup and campaigns, for example, then being a virtual assistant (VA) may be the perfect opportunity for you. As a VA, you work remotely doing tasks such as online research, business writing, data entry, basic bookkeeping, creating or updating databases, preparing presentations, creating infographics, editing in PhotoShop, marketing, setting up or managing webinars or podcasts, and so on.

To learn to be a virtual assistant, check out 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, which has excellent reviews. Another good option is Introduction to Running a VA Business, available through Skillshare. And if you love Pinterest, the excellent course Become a Pinterest VA Today! by Kristin Larsen and Gina Horkey might be a great option for you.



23. Become a historian or genealogist.

If you love history, two other great opportunities for freelance writing jobs are to be a historian or genealogist (family historian). Historians research, analyze, and record historical records and events. Genealogists do the same thing, but with a focus on the events and records as they relate primarily to people and to family relationships.


24. Work as a PR representative.

Freelance writers can also make great careers by working as public relations representatives. Public relations representatives or specialists work to establish and maintain a positive public image for the companies they work for. If you are an effective public speaker and persuasive writer who enjoys working with people and building relationships with influencers and others, then this may be a great opportunity for you. As a PR representative, you might work with business owners and shareholders, journalists, bloggers, political figures, and others.


25. Be a virtual teacher or tutor.

If you have expertise in a particular topic and love to teach but don’t want to work in a traditional brick-and-mortar school or need more flexibility (so that you can teach as a second job or work in the evenings so you can be a stay-at-home parent, for example), look for opportunities to be a virtual teacher for an online school. With online charter schools and completely online colleges and universities, opportunities are more available than they ever have been.

Online tutoring is another option that can pay well, from $25 an hour and up if you have the right skills and are in the right area. Share your expertise with others and get paid to do it!

Check out or other job posting websites for current openings.


26. Do data entry.

If you have a good eye for detail and are a good typist, a data entry position (where you enter information, generally by using a computer, into a company’s data system) may be a good choice for you. Many job opportunities are available in this area, so check out or your favorite job board site to see what positions are currently open.


27. Be a transcriptionist.

Another great potential freelance writing job is to work as a transcriptionist. As a transcriptionist, you type recorded meetings (such as conference or seminar sessions or workshops) and other audio material. If you are a fast and accurate typist, you can make good money with this career.


I’ve included here some of the most popular freelance writing jobs in this article, but there are many others. If you enjoy and are good at writing informative or entertaining content, then becoming a professional freelance writer may be a great fit for you.

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Have you worked as a freelance writer? What freelance writing jobs have you had? Or which of the freelance writing jobs listed above would you be most interested in? I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below to let me know!

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Are you looking for a possible change in career? Are you burned out or tired of the corporate grind or looking for a new (and awesome!) career path? Do you like to discover and try new things? Are you looking to learn and grow in new ways or looking for a new challenge?

Would you love to have more control over your earning potential and be able to make an incredible income? Do you enjoy writing or communicating with others? Have you ever thought about becoming a blogger to earn some extra income from home or even perhaps as a full-time, work-from-anywhere career? (I know bloggers who make between $10,000 and $100,000+ a month from their blogs.)

Would you like complete autonomy in your work and a more flexible work schedule? Do you long to work from home in order to be with your children or be able to help take care of your parents? Would you love to teach others about something you are completely passionate about? Do you enjoy helping others to make positive changes in their lives and really succeed? If so, then blogging could be a great career for you!

If you are interested in learning about making money as a blogger, read this article to find out how to start a profitable blog.

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