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fall date ideas

Cheap Fall Date Ideas

Discover awesome, cheap fall date ideas! Enjoy awesome dates with your sweetie without breaking the bank!

If you’re like most of us, you probably have a pretty tight budget. You may feel like you are not always able to spend a ton of money on your honey. But you can still have a wonderful fall date without spending a bunch of (or any!) money if you choose not to.


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31 Cheap Fall Date Ideas!

In this article you will find many fun, simple, cheap fall date ideas to help you have a great time this fall without spending a lot of money.


1. Jump in a pile of leaves.

If you have a yard and will be doing quite a bit of raking anyway, you might as well make the most of it!


2. Go on a drive up the canyon.

The leaves are beautiful this time of year, so take advantage of it.


3. Go to a corn maze or fall festival.

In addition to the corn maze, popular attractions include hay rides, hay mazes, k


4. Go to the fair.

Many states host their fairs in the late summer or early fall. You can go on the rides, play the games, try some local foods you may never have enjoyed, and maybe even bump into an old friend or two.


5. Make homemade donuts, and have donuts with warm cider or hot cocoa.

When the weather gets cooler, making donuts (it is easier than you think!) and warm cider or hot cocoa is a perfect fall date idea.


6. Go to a football, basketball, or soccer game.

If you enjoy sports, then go to a high school, college, or professional game!


7. Have a picnic at the park.

Pack some of your favorite picnic foods, and walk or drive to a favorite park or picnic area.


8. Go fishing.

If you have never been fishing together, give it a try! Fall is a great season to catch some varieties of fish, and you might even try snagging for salmon or fly fishing while you are at it!


9. Play a game of football or frisbee with one or more other couples.

Fall is a great time to get outside and not only watch sports but play sports. Enjoy a friendly game of frisbee or football on those perfect fall days!


10. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital, or other local charity.

 This is a great activity anytime, but consider doing this around Thanksgiving as a way to give back to the community.

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11. Go to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins.

If you have a you-pick-em pumpkin patch in your area, this is a fun way to spend an hour on a sunny fall afternoon.


12. Carve pumpkins.

Once you pick your pumpkins, go home and carve them while you eat popcorn and watch a favorite Halloween movie.


13. Have a movie marathon in the backyard.

If you are movie buffs (and while the weather is still nice), enjoy some of your favorite box-office hits. Rig up a projector out in the backyard to enjoy the movies under the stars. 


14. Make pumpkin cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, or another favorite cookie.

 Making cookies together is a fun, tasty baking option.


15. Go  ice skating.

If you enjoy ice skating, fall is a great time to do it in an indoor rink.


16. Go rollerblading or rollerskating.

Rollerskating or rollerblading is another fun and relatively cheap summer date idea. Especially if it has been years since you have gone, this could be a delightful activity.


17. Go to a park for a fun, cheap fall date idea.

Walk or drive to a nearby park for hours of free fun. Swing, slide, or simply sit on a park bench and talk.

Or if it is pretty warm, then simply enjoy some sunshine and warm rays.


18. Take a hike—together.

If you live near an area where there are trails to hike,  this is another great pastime perfect for two.


19. Go for a bike ride.

Going for a bike ride (maybe even splurge a little and rent a tandem bike?) is another great cheap summer date activity.


20. Go for a walk or a nature walk.

If you want to keep things more low key, go for a walk around your neighborhood or in one of your favorite spots.

If you live near a beach or a boardwalk, those are two ideas that can offer hours of entertainment. 


21. Go to a local museum or art gallery.

 You could go to an airplane museum, a dinosaur museum, or anything in between. Or if you love art, indulge that interest.


22. Go to a zoo or aquarium.

Especially if it has been years since you have been, this could be a fun treat. Look online for discount tickets or coupons to make this activity even more affordable.


23. Go to a haunted house or haunted forest together.

If you are going to get spooked, having your sweetie beside you is a must!


24. Play miniature golf.

 Whether indoors or out, miniature golf is a great way to pass the time. Don’t forget to check online for discounts before you go!


25. Go fishing.

Fall is a great time to go fishing, especially if you do it a place where you can enjoy beautiful fall colors.


26. Drive up the canyon and have a bonfire.

Another fun fall date idea is to take a drive up the canyon and have a bonfire. You can roast hot dogs and marshmallows and make smores, or tell each other spooky stories!


27. Go camping.

Fall can be a great time to go camping, while the weather is still nice. The fall colors can be stunning, and you don’t have to fight all the crowds of summertime. Watch the stars cuddled up in front of a warm fire.


28. Bake pies together (or another favorite fall dessert).

Bake one or more of your favorite pies, and then share them with others (or eat them yourselves; I won’t tell :)).


29. Go to a homecoming game.

This is another fun fall date idea. Go visit your own high school or university homecoming game, or attend one at a local high school or college.


30. Visit a local farmer’s market.

Fall is a great time to visit your local farmer’s market to enjoy the fall harvest and favorite fall foods and crafts.

31. Cuddle up in front of a cozy fire together. 

Whether you have a wood fireplace or a gas one, take advantage of the cooler evenings by snuggling up together in front of a toasty fire with a book to read together or some hot cocoa and warm conversation.



 Enjoy fun all season long with these cheap fall date ideas! Take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts, and have some fun outdoors before the snow and cold set in!


What are your favorite fall date ideas? What items would you add to the list? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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