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The Save Your Money, Change Your Life Workbook: 9 Steps to Saving Success

Learn the 9 steps we took to pay off over $260,000 in debt (including our mortgage!) with one average income in less than 10 years! This workbook is designed to help you simplify your money management, pay off debt quickly, begin to save more money, and really get control of your finances! Learn to earn more, spend less, save more, and invest more!

This powerful 90-page workbook is packed with information that will walk you through the actionable steps you need to take to create a budget, stick to a budget, reduce your spending, create an emergency fund, start to save to pay for large purchases with cash, automate your money for financial success, start to invest for retirement (or increase your investing), save for your children’s college, and more! Learn what to do to get control of all aspects of your finances! On sale now for just $7!

The 90+-page workbook gives you the information and tools you need to finally stop living paycheck to paycheck and to start winning with money in order to reach your financial goals and live your dreams. Learn what you need to do to find financial freedom for you and your family! Change your money habits and your life!