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dollar store Christmas crafts

Dollar Store Christmas Crafts

One of my fun memories that I have growing up is of making fun and simple Christmas crafts and decorations with my mom and with my sisters. One way to make fun and frugal Christmas crafts is to make dollar store Christmas crafts and dollar store Christmas decorations!

And making simple and fun Christmas crafts is something that I love to do with my own kiddos now, as well! But I also know that Christmas and the entire holiday season can get really expensive if we let it, and I like to keep my Christmas crafts and decorations budget friendly!

Personally, my favorite dollar store is the Dollar Tree. That is largely because it is one of the last dollar stores where you can still buy everything in the store for a dollar (or less). Pretty much all of the dollar store Christmas crafts or dollar store Christmas decorations that I mention in this article can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.  One way I like to do that is to make crafts and decorations from items that we get from the Dollar Tree. So if you are looking specifrically for Dollar Tree Christmas crafts ideas or Dollar Tree Christmas decorations ideas, then you are set! The ideas in this article are great for Dollar Tree Christmas crafts or Dollar Tree Chrismtas decorations ideas.

I think that you and your family will be inspired and delighted by this fun and frugal dollar store Christmas crafts and dollar store Christmas decorations!


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Fun Dollar Store Christmas Crafts and Decorations

One of the things that I love about holiday festivities and decorations is that you do not have to spend a ton of money if you need to (or just want to) be budget conscious or frugal.

Yes, you can have a beautifully (and even professionally) decorated home for the holidays with all of the finest decorations and baubles from the finest stores, but you can also create beautiful decorations for a fraction of the price by making them yourself! And you do not have to be a creative genius or uber crafty to be able to do it, either!

One of the fun things that I love about many of these ideas is that they are simple enough that the kids can help, too! (And they will have a wonderful time doing it!) All you need is an afternoon or two, or an hour here and there, and you can have a great time making these decorative creations with awesome finds from your local dollar store!


Fun Ideas for Decorating with Dollar Store Christmas Crafts and Decorations

Some of my favorite ways to decorate with dollar store items are with ornaments, decorative glasses and goblets, candy (yes, you can, and the end result is doubly sweet :)), potpourri, vases, candles, balls, picture frames, and other fun knickknacks.

You will love the fun things that you can do with these sometimes seemingly ordinary items! And better yet, you can create a warm and welcoming home for the holidays without busting your budget!

If you do find any items for the projects below that you can’t find at your local dollar store, or if you just want to do some shopping online, this is a wonderful place to look for budget friendly (and kid friendly too, many of them!) Christmas crafts and Christmas decorations!


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Why Dollar Store Christmas Crafts and Decorations?

 You may wonder if it is really a good idea to use dollar store Christmas crafts and decorations. Yes, it is worth it! With the items listed below you will find many examples of how you can get a beautiful look at a fraction of the price, and not put any additional strain on your holiday budget! Many of these beautiful crafts and decorations you can make for $10 to $20 or less!


So read on to learn some of my best ideas for how to decorate and make crafts with awesome dollar store finds!


25 Fun and Frugal Dollar Store Christmas Crafts

One of the things that I love about the dollar store is the huge variety of things that you can find at great prices. In this list of fun dollar store Christmas crafts, you will find some of my own favorite fun and frugal DIY Christmas crafts and decorations that you can make from items at the dollar store.


1. Gold Dipped Ornaments

I love these beautiful gold dipped DIY Christmas tree ornaments. Aren’t they gorgeous? They are elegant and budget friendly, and they make a perfect adornment to the family Christmas tree.

How to make gold dipped orb ornaments

Found at Home Made by Carmona

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2. Winter Vases

These beautiful red and white winter vases are a great dollar store Christmas decoration and craft perfect to usher in the holiday season in your home!

Winter Vases

From Design, Dining, and Diapers


3. Snowman Candles

Another fun dollar store Christmas decoration are these simple and cute snowman candles. A little paint, a ribbon, a little paint,

Turn Dollar Store Candles Into the Most Charming Snowmen.

Found at Good Housekeeping


4. Christmas Ornament Garlands

These fun and festive Christmas ornament garlands are another great dollar store Christmas decoration.

Make your home look festive for less this holiday season with easy DIY dollar store Christmas decor ideas. Wreaths, candles, centerpieces, wall art, ornaments, vases, gifts and more!Christmas Ornament Garland.

Found at Pretty-Quirky


5. Candy Cane Centerpieces

Whether you put them on an entryway table, a coffee table, an end table, or a dinner table, your family and guests will feel the fun of the season with these merry striped candy cane centerpieces.

Candy Cane Centerpiece

Found at True Money Saver



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6. “Kiss” Mas Tree Centerpieces

These colorful “Kiss” Mas Tree Centerpieces will brighten any dinner party!

In the holiday spirit for a festive centerpiece, but aren't super crafty? These "Kiss"-mas Tree Centerpieces made with Hershey's Kisses are super easy to make and are a fun project to work on with kiddos!

From Kitchen Meets Girl


7. Christmas Ornament Centerpieces

This is another colorful and bright way to make fun centerpieces. These beautiful Christmas ornament centerpieces are another one of my favorite dollar store Christmas crafts.

Get clear wine glasses upside down and then decorate it with small Christmas ornament balls in bottom and candles on top! Stunning DIY centerpiece for the holiday!

From Mari Ages website



8. Ornament Christmas Tree

This beautiful ornament Christmas tree is another dollar store Christmas craft treasure.

From Clarks Condensed



9. … [Number of] Sleeps until Santa Visits

This “[Number of] Sleeps until Santa Visits” is such a fun dollar store Christmas craft perfect for kids!

Sleeps till Santa visits Sign

Found at Simple Made Pretty


10. Mini Gumball Machines Christmas Ornaments

My kids love gumballs, and I bet yours do, too! This brightly colored mini gumball machines Christmas ornaments will delight the little people in your home and help to make your Christmas tree festive and fun!


Found at Greta’s Day


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Finding ways to save money at Christmas isn’t the only way to have an awesome debt-free or less stressful Christmas! Making extra money for the holidays is another way to enjoy an amazing Christmas!

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11. Personalized Word Christmas Ornaments

These personalized word Christmas ornaments are another great idea for making beautiful dollar store Christmas crafts.


DIY: Word Christmas Ornament using a Gold Sharpie by @Jenna_Burger, WWW.JENNABURGER.COM

Found at JennaBurger.com


12. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

These tea light snowman ornaments are another fun dollar store Christmas decoration that are fun for kids and budget friendly. You make these ornaments with fun little battery-powered tea lights from the dollar store (or you can find them here).


Frosty the Battery Powered Tea Light Snowma

Found at One Little Project


13. Decorative Luminaries

These epsom salts luminaries are another fun and frugal way to brighten up any room! 

Winter or Christmas tablescape with Mason jar Epsom salts luminaries on white cake stand with garden trimmings.

Found at Remolando la Casa



14. Waterless Snow Globes

The glass, bright red and green ornaments, and large red bows make these waterless snow globes another fun and festive dollar store Christmas craft or decoration.

Put a Bow on It

Found on LittleBlackLipstick.blogspot.com


15. DIY Grinch Decor

These fun DIY Grinch decorations are a great way to bring some novelty to your dollar store Christmas decorating.

grinch decorations diy

Found at Leap of Faith Crafting

16. Magic Reindeer Food Ornaments

Your kids will have fun helping you to make these fun magic reindeer food ornaments!


Found at HappyGoLuckyBlog.com


17. Gold Reindeer Wreath

This gold reindeer wreath is a warm and welcoming dollar store Christmas decoration that will greet your holiday gets and bring a smile to their faces.

Glitzy Gold Dollar Store Reindeer Wreath

Found at SimplyShellie.com


18. Mason Jar Christmas Snow Globe

This is another simple but fun and festive dollar store Christmas decoration. These mason jar Christmas snow globes 


Found at Fox Hollow Cottage

19. Holiday Centerpiece

These bright and festive holiday centerpieces are simple enough that your kids can help you make them, or they can even make them themselves as a fun Christmas gift for someone they love!

Christmas craft for kids

Found on 5 Minutes for Mom


20. Christmas Ornament Garland

One way to beautifully accent your fireplace mantle, banisters, or other areas is with these simple Christmas ornament garlands.

ornament garland on display on mantle

Found at Jasper and Willow

21. Miniature Presents Christmas Tree

This is such a fun and colorful Christmas tree. Your kids (and other guests) will love this miniature presents Christmas tree!

How to make a miniature presents Christmas tree

 Found at Color Me Thrifty


22. Dollar Store Christmas Art

This idea for dollar store Christmas wall art is so cheap and easy! Even if you don’t love the way they arranged the images or don’t love the particular images this person chose, you are bound to find images that you do love!

Dollar Tree art for the Christmas bedroom decor


Found on Refresh Restyle


23. Frosty Christmas Mug

These frosty Christmas mugs are another awesome elegant but frugal dollar store Christmas craft. 

diy frosty mug

Found at Debbie-Debbiedoos.com


24. Glowing Snowflake Wreath

This glowing snowflake wreath is another fun way to brighten up your home and your holiday season!

Dollar store snowflake wreath

Found on Design Improvised


25. DIY Christmas Trees

 This is a fun way to make DIY Christmas trees for super cheap.

 DIY Christmas Tree Cones- For ONLY 99¢! You'll never guess how easy these are! A MUST see!!


Found on Fynes Designs


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Final Thoughts on Dollar Store Christmas Crafts

One of the fun things about the holiday season are all of the fun Christmas crafts and Christmas decorations that you can make to decorate your Christmas tree, your mantle, your end tables or coffee table or dinner table, and other areas throughout your home.

Making dollar store Christmas crafts and dollar store Christmas decorations is a fun and frugal way to help bring some joy to your holiday season! And best of all, most of these dollar store Christmas crafts are simple enough that the kids can help, too!

And most or all of these ideas will work with items from the Dollar Tree, specifically. So they are perfect for Dollar Tree Christmas crafts or Dollar Tree Christmas decorations!


What are some of your favorite ideas for dollar store Christmas crafts or dollar store Christmas decorations? Do you have a budgeted amount for your Christmas crafting and decorating? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, so please leave a comment below!

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