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discount grocery stores

Discount Grocery Stores

You can potentially save a ton of money on groceries by shopping at discount grocery stores and salvage stores. Read this article to learn how!



Shop at Discount Grocery Stores to Save a Ton of Money on Groceries

Discount grocery stores like ALDI (I sure wish we had one in our state!) are an awesome way to save money on groceries! If you don’t know if you have any discount grocery stores in your area, ask your frugal (read: money savvy :)) family members or friends, or search online.


And moms and dads, if you have a salvage-type store (where they sell overstock, soon-to-expire, lost, or damaged items) in your area and you’re not shopping there, you are doing your wallet a huge disservice!

Not too long after we moved to the town where we now live, I heard from a couple of people about a discount store in the area that offered great prices on food.

At the time we didn’t have any children and Walmart was still offering price matching, so our food budget really wasn’t that much. And when I eventually did go to check out the discount store I had heard about, it was after 7 in the evening, and the place was already closed. It seemed odd to me that a grocery-type store would close that early, and it was a long time before I went back.

But eventually after a couple of my family members started shopping there sometimes and told me about some of the great deals, I decided to check it out. By then we had a few kids (our two youngest children are twins, so it didn’t take as long as normal for that to happen :)), and food prices had risen some over the years, so we were definitely spending more on groceries than before. And I have to tell you, after going there and seeing the great deals, my life has not been the same.


Why Shop at Discount Grocery Stores?

The simple reality is, in general, you will save more money on your groceries by shopping at discount grocery stores and salvage-type stores than by shopping for food anywhere else. Some of the deals are just so amazing, they cannot be beat!

Pretty soon after going to that discount store for the first time I started doing the bulk of my grocery shopping there. The prices on some things are just incredible. Most of their produce is cheaper than anywhere else by far, and even though some of it is a little too ripe or bruised or is otherwise not worth buying, for the most part, it’s just great prices.

And they have great prices on a lot of other things too, like yogurt and meat and other perishables. The deals on baking goods and on frozen foods, as another couple of examples, are also outstanding sometimes.

Many of these food items are close to or even past the recommended “best by” or “use by” date, but with everything we’ve bought there over the past two years, we’ve never found anything that looked or smelled sketchy or otherwise seemed questionable (besides some of the produce, as I mentioned). 

For more information, see this article from Consumer Reports, which mentions how the “best by” and “use by” dates are more a matter or food quality than safety. (But, really, I wonder if it’s not also another way for the big food producers to make more money. The sooner food “expires,” the more likely you are to feel like you need to toss it and buy more of it I’m not a conspiracy theorist, really! But it does make me wonder. :))


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Awesome Deals You Can Get at Discount Grocery Stores

In addition to finding amazing deals on produce, meat, frozen foods, and other perishables, there are a lot of other types of things we have saved on over the years.

Here are some examples of awesome deals from this discount store: 10 cents a pound for cherries (the cherries were in great shape), 10 cents for a large bag of tortilla chips, 10 cents for everything in the baking aisle (they were working to clear it out to restock that day), a bushel of bananas (about 40 pounds) and of apples for $5 each, red delicious apples for 20 cents a pound (pretty regularly), blueberries for 20 cents a pint, strawberries for 25 cents a pound, 48 ounces of yogurt for a $1 (often), boneless skinless chicken breasts for a dollar a pound (regularly), boxes of cereal for a $1, and much more. If you are someone who loves to find great deals, it’s a lot of fun!



How to Best Take Advantage of Discount Grocery Stores

At these discount or salvage stores you never know exactly what you’re going to find, so it’s also kind of like going on a treasure hunt. What I generally do is shop there first to buy produce and other things I find great deals on like chicken and meat and eggs and snacks like chips or popcorn or things like that, and then I go to my neighborhood grocery store (which also has pretty great prices) and buy bread and cheese and other staples I couldn’t find (or that weren’t a great deal) at the discount grocery store.

To take the best advantage of these discount grocery stores and salvage stores, it is helpful to have a somewhat flexible meal plan, since you never know for sure what you are going to find. So you might have a plan to eat chicken alfredo one night and chicken fajitas one night of the week, for example, but maybe when you are at the discount grocery store you find hamburger on sale for 50 cents a pound, and so you instead decide to have spaghetti and salad one night and beef tacos another night.

To save money on your groceries, it is important to have a meal plan. If you do not have a meal planner that you use, you are in luck! You can sign up below and download this very helpful meal planner for free!

An Important Caution with Discount Grocery Stores (and a HUGE Money-Saving Tool!)

Also, with the particular grocery discount store that I shop at you have to be careful, though. They don’t generally have the price per unit marked on the shelves in front of the items like they often do in a traditional grocery store, so it is very important that you know what a good deal is on the items that you buy. Not all items are a good deal; some things are more expensive than at your regular grocery store, and I assume that is because they are trying to recoup the cost of the great deals they have on other items.

So when you shop at these types of stores, or any store where they do not always have the price per unit marked, it is more important than ever to have and use a grocery price per unit comparison cheat sheet so that you are sure you are getting the best price (or even a good price) for the items that you purchase. You can download this very handy, free grocery price cheat sheet by filling out the information below!



You really can find amazing deals at discount grocery stores and particularly salvage-type stores. If you have one or more discount grocery stores in your area and you have never shopped there (because maybe you think that doing so is only for broke people or people with lower incomes), think again! A lot of the people who shop there are people who make good incomes who just like to keep more of those incomes rather than spending them on a fleeting expense like food.


Do you have any discount grocery stores in your area? Or do you have salvage stores? Do you shop at either of these types of stores in order to save money? If so, what do are some of the great deals you have found? What are the names of the stores where you find the best deals on groceries? I would love to hear how you are able to save money on your groceries by shopping at grocery discount stores or salvage-type stores. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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