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diet plan for weight loss

Diet Plan for Weight Loss

In this article I am going to talk about a simple and cheap diet plan for weight loss. Find out how you can get back to a healthy weight without breaking the bank!


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A Simple Diet Plan for Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight Easily and Cheaply in 8 Simple Steps

You can learn a simple and cheap diet plan for weight loss by following the simple steps below.


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Cheap Weight Loss Tips When You Need a Diet Plan for Weight Loss

If you have been receiving my email newsletter for a while, you know that I had a goal starting in March to lose about 10 pounds by the beginning of the summer.

Well, that didn’t happen. In fact, after a couple of months of sort of semi working on it, I had actually gained about five pounds. Yikes!

I was exercising 5 days a week and burning about 1,000 calories each exercise session, so that surprised me! But it shouldn’t have. That’s because I had left a crucial part out of the equation: counting calories.

Despite exercising diligently, I must have been eating enough to counterbalance those burned calories. Whoops!

And another thing I didn’t do, obviously, or I could have course corrected more quickly, was to weigh myself at least once a week to make sure I was actually seeing results.

Since that happened, I’ve thought a lot about what brings about actual change. And when it comes to your health and losing weight, there are several things that can help bring about change that I am going to talk about below. These are the things I am doing this time so that I actually lose the now close to 15 pounds that I want to lose by Thanksgiving. (Update: I was able to achieve my goal! Woot!)

When I was thinking about how to set myself up for success, I thought about the parallels between losing weight and getting out of debt or saving up money (there are a lot of them!).

Note: If you also want to lose weight before the holidays (or after the holidays :-\), and do it on a budget without breaking the bank, check out this article with 15 tips for how to lose weight on a budget!

So this is what I’m doing differently this time to actually lose the weight, and I’m including some parallel actions that can help you to reach your financial goals.


This Diet Plan for Weight Loss Really Does Work! Here Is My Own Success Story

This diet plan for weight loss really does work to help you lose weight simply and cheaply. When I first wanted to get serious about losing weight several years ago, I had over 80 pounds to lose.

But I did it all by exercising more and counting calories on the basic, inexpensive foods that I ate. I didn’t buy any special diet foods or follow any diet plan or program.

And I feel that doing things that way really does make maintaining a good weight easier because you aren’t drastically changing what you normally eat and normally do.


My Diet Plan for Weight Loss Success: 8 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast for Cheap

Here is my simple (and effective; I have lost more than 10 pounds so far in less than a month) diet plan for weight loss success. (Update: I lost the 15 pounds that I wanted to, following this simple diet plan.)

1. I’m going to continue to exercise at least 5 days a week.

Now that it’s pretty dark in the early mornings so I don’t really want to run outside, I exercise while I work, so it doesn’t take any time out of my schedule. Burning a decent amount of calories through exercise really is crucial to being able to lose weight in the time frame that I want to.

Parallel to financial success: We could compare this to you selling stuff you don’t need or getting an extra job or otherwise making more money to help you move the needle to get your debt paid off or help you reach other awesome financial goals.

2. I’m going to actually count calories this time!

This is so crucial to success, my friends! If you exercise but then don’t count calories, you can totally be sabotaging your success! It is so easy to eat an extra 500 or 1,000 calories a day, unfortunately, and nullify all of the calories that you burned!

Parallel to financial success: Similarly, if you get an extra job or find other ways to increase your income, unless you actually create a budget or spending plan, you’re very likely to just spend all the extra money you bring in.

This is not a good plan when you want to reach financial goals! For help with your budgeting, check out the new, free Budget Binder or the Deluxe Budget Binder! They have awesome budget printables to help you track spending and saving, track debt payoff, record and work toward financial goals, and more!

3. I’ve asked one of my sisters (I have 4 of them <3) to be my accountability partner.

She also wants to lose a little weight, so we are going to help each other reach our goals!

Parallel to financial success: We can compare this to having a support team to reach our financial goals. I hope that that starts with your spouse, but get friends and other family members on board, as well! And join the private Families for Financial Freedom Facebook group! We would love to hear your successes and cheer you on to overcome your struggles.

4. I made it a SMART goal this time.

I’ve got a specific amount of weight I want to lose (15 pounds) by a specific time (the day before Thanksgiving—so I can gain it all back Thanksgiving weekend, right? Ha!). I’m using the SMART goal setting approach—this goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely (it has a specific deadline).

Parallel to financial success: As you think about your financial goals, especially as we are hitting the last few months of this year and preparing for next year (but don’t wait; why not start now?!), make them SMART goals.


5. I’ve got a strong why for losing this weight.

I have some strong motivation to lose the 15 pounds that I want to and to not gain any more. (I was overweight for most of my life till I was 30, and many of my family members are overweight, and I just don’t want the long-term health complications that can come along with being overweight.)

Parallel to financial success: You should similarly figure out your why for reaching your financial goals. A strong why can definitely help keep you motivated so that you succeed! This is so important!

6. I’m cutting out sweets and other junk food.

I’m going cold turkey and cutting out all sweets till I reach my goal (to help ensure I reach my goal in the time I want). I may stumble every once in a while, but as a wise person once told me, better to shoot for the stars and miss than shoot for a pile of manure and hit it. 🙂

Parallel to financial success: We can compare this to doing a no-spend challenge! I love no-spend challenges because they are an awesome way to save money fast! Check out this article on how to do a no-spend challenge. (Do it to help you save up for a debt-free Christmas or to pay off debt fast or save for a large purchase or expense, you guys!) Will you join me and my family in doing a no-spend November this year? (At least until Thanksgiving weekend?)

7. I have set up rules that I have to follow.

I’ve set up some rules for myself, like this one: if I can’t count it (the amount of calories a food has), then I can’t eat it. So my meal plan is pretty simple and consists of things that I mostly already know the calorie count for (cuz I’ve been down this road before, friends). If my family is eating something that is hard to count (like last night), I just eat an alternative, and very simple, meal.

Parallel to financial success: Simple meal planning is an excellent (and crucial!) way to help you stick to your budget and save money, as well! Find 7 simple tips to meal plan to help you save time and money!

8. I have a motivational affirmation to help myself stay strong.

I’m going to remind myself often of this simple affirmation: Nothing tastes as good as being fit. This should help me avoid eating things that aren’t part of my diet plan.

Parallel to financial success: Consider creating an affirmation to remind yourself of your financial goal and to help you reach it. For example, maybe it could be something like this: Nothing I buy is as awesome as the peace and power I’ll have when I get out of debt and control my income! (Woot!) Or maybe this: Nothing I could spend money on is more important than my financial freedom!


I hope these tips help you reach your weight loss as well as your financial goals! And, after reading, if you decided you want to get on the lose-weight-before-the-holidays bandwagon, check out this article with 15 awesome tips to lose weight on a budget! You can also pin it to read later


Do you have a great diet plan for weight loss success? What are your favorite go-to foods  and best tips for inexpensive weight loss?  I would love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment and let me know where you are at in your weight-loss journey!
































































































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