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Christmas movies for families

Christmas Movies for Family

In this article I am going to give ideas for some of the best Christmas movies for family! The list includes Christmas movies you can watch with the whole family, and movies for everyone in your family. You will find awesome ideas for Christmas movies for Mom and Dad, teens, kids, toddlers, and the whole family!

This list is also great to learn some of the best Christmas movies for kids!

The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year! But all of the presents, activities, get-togethers, and so on can really add up quickly and bust your budget. Watching holiday movies together, or separately, is a great way to enjoy the Christmas season and not break the bank. Saving money at Christmas time is a great goal.

In this list you will find some of the most popular, new movies for this season as well as classic favorites that your family members will love!

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The Best Christmas Movies for the Family

Though they are broken up into different sections based on age-group, all of the Christmas movies in this list are family friendly. Many of these movies you will have heard of and will likely be your family favorites already, but you will also find names you don’t know that can become new family favorites!

For some of the movies listed below I could only find a link for Amazon Prime. There is also an abundance of movies on Hallmark for the holidays that I haven’t listed here. No matter the age or movie preference, there is a plethora of Christmas movies available for everyone!

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101+ Best Christmas Movies for the Family!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for everyone in the family, but I feel that it is especially magical for kids! The season is so enjoyable when you see the magic light up your kids’ eyes. So let’s start with some wonderful Christmas movie ideas for kids that they will love! Many of these shows are favorites of my own three kiddos!


Best Christmas Movies for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Here are some of my favorite Christmas movies that young kids will love! You parents will probably find yourself enjoying most of them as well!



**NOTE: Click the images below to find out more information on each video.**

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Rated G)

Your kids will love this story of Rudolph and how he uses his red nose to help Santa and save Christmas!


Prep & Landing (Rated G)

A new spin on the Santa story that answers all of your children’s questions about how Santa makes the magic happen Christmas Eve.


Prep & Landing: Operation: Secret Santa (Rated PG)

Wayne and Lanny are sent by Mrs. Claus on a new mission to Santa’s secret workshop to retrieve a box.


Frosty the Snowman (Rated G)

This sweet movie goes right along with the Christmas song of the same name.


Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse (Rated G)

Oh no! A big snow storm traps Mickey and all his friends at the House of Mouse. They all decide to make the most of the situation and throw a Christmas party!


An Elf’s Story: The Elf on the Shelf (Not Rated)

Does your family have the Elf on the Shelf? If so, your kids will be sure to love this short Christmas video where the elf helps a boy to believe in the magic of Christmas.


The Muppet Christmas Carol (Rated G)

If your kids love the Muppets, they will definitely love this movie. With fun songs and a touching story, this Muppets movie will be a favorite.

All I Want for Christmas is You (Rated G)

This sweet movie is about a little girl who wants a puppy for Christmas. But first she must demonstrate that she can take of a pet by dog-sitting her uncle’s naughty dog.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about Christmas (Rated G)

This movie is both entertaining and educational. And what kid doesn’t love Dr. Seuss and Cat in the Hat?

More Christmas Movies for Toddlers and Preschoolers

If your kids can’t get enough of the Christmas movie magic, these movies will delight and entertain them this Christmas season.


Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas (Not Rated)

Join some of Disney’s biggest stars as they share three heartwarming Christmas stories.


Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas (Rated G)

After watching Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, Mickey and his pals join Santa Claus in another delightful Christmas movie.


Paw Patrol: Pups Save Christmas (Not Rated)

Are your kids into Paw Patrol like my kids? Then your kids will LOVE this movie! Watch as the pups help save Santa and save Christmas!


Eloise at Christmastime (Not Rated)

This adorable Disney tv episode shows the adventures of Eloise as she attempts to reunite a young woman with an ex-boyfriend.


The Polar Express (Rated G)

Kids will love this movie about a special train that takes a young boy on an amazing trip to the North Pole to show him that anything is possible if you just believe.


The Little Drummer Boy (Rated G)

This is the story of Michael, a drummer and also a slave, who meets three wise men on one special night.



Arthur’s Perfect Christmas (Unrated)

Arthur the aardvark shows kids how to react when things don’t go the way you planned in this fun Christmas movie.


Christmas is Here Again (Rated G)

Watch as an ordinary child and some friends save Christmas from Krad, who stole Santa’s bag of toys.


A Charlie Brown Christmas (Not Rated)

In this classic Christmas movie, Charlie Brown learns the true meaning of Christmas.

Frozen and Frozen 2 (Rated PG)

While technically not a Christmas movie, who can resist the winter wonderland that overtakes Arendelle in the first Frozen adventure? Then Anna and Elsa and friends venture to the snowy north in Frozen 2. Snowy adventures galore!


Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (Not Rated)

Your child will love watching Olaf and Sven set out on a mission to save Christmas! It features four fun songs and all your favorite characters from Frozen.


The Magic Snowflake (Not Rated)

Young children will enjoy watching Nicolas attempt to do Santa’s job. See how it works out!



Best Christmas Movies for Kids

If your kids are a little bit older than preschool-age, perhaps these movies will appeal to them as well as most from the list above. All of these movies are great Christmas movies for kids.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Not Rated)

In this animated version of Dr. Seuss’ classic story, the Grinch attempts to steal Christmas.


Golden Winter (Rated G)

Thieves are robbing at bank at Christmastime! A boy and a litter of homeless Golden Retrievers come and save the day!


A Christmas Tree Miracle (Rated G)

A heart-warming Christmas movie that will remind everyone to slow down and enjoy the small things in life.



The Nightmare before Christmas (Rated PG)

Halloween and Christmas collide in this fun musical fantasy.


Elf (Rated PG)

Buddy, raised in the North Pole, travels to New York to find his birth father. Kids will enjoy all the laughs and antics this show has to offer.


Home Alone Series (Rated PG)

Seriously, who doesn’t love the Home Alone Series? Kids of all ages will love watching as Kevin usurps the neighborhood thieves’ plan to burgle his parents’ home in the first movie and New York in the second movie.


Santa Clause Series (Rated PG and G)

As a professional editor, I especially love the play on words for this movie series. It also is one of my favorites from when I was younger. Enjoy watching as Scott Calvin takes on the role of Santa Claus and learns about the magic of Christmas.

More Christmas Movies for Kids

Some of these movies may be new to you but they are wonderful for kids.



The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (Rated PG)

This fun Disney movie is inspired by Hoffmann’s classic tale.


The 12 Dogs of Christmas (Rated G)

A movie set in the times of the Great Depression, this charming Christmas movie follows a girl who has dogs to help her teach people of the true meaning of the season.


The Snowman (Rated G)

This short video is sure to delight young viewers as they see a young boy build a snowman. Then something extraordinary happens–the snowman comes to life! The snowman takes the boy on an adventure to the North Pole to meet Father Christmas himself!


The Snowman and the Snowdog (Rated G)

A young boy’s dog has just died. Then the young boy moves into a house and finds a photograph of the snowman. The boy decides to build the snowman from the picture and a snowdog to go with. What a surprise when they both come alive!


Santa Buddies (Rated G)

Santa has his very own dog, Santa Paws. The magical icicle, which provides power to all of the North Pole, is losing power. It will take everyone to help get power back and save Christmas.

The Star (Rated PG)

Experience the birth of Christ as never before in this precious movie about a donkey who meets up with some new friends to follow the new star.



A Princess for Christmas (Not Rated)

This sweet movie will warm your heart and make you laugh as Jules and her niece and nephew visit royal relatives in a faraway land for Christmas.


Arthur Christmas (Rated PG)

When Santa misses delivering presents to one child on Christmas Eve, Santa’s son, Arthur, comes to the rescue. Join Arthur and his helpers as they endeavor to save Christmas.



Northpole (Rated G)

Kevin is a young boy who wants to help restore the joy of the Christmas season to all the too-busy people who live at the Northpole.

Even More Christmas Movies for Kids


Maybe your kids are movie fanatics or very particular about what movies they want to watch. Here are even more Christmas movies to delight any child.

A Christmas Story (Rated PG)

Everyone has heard the quote, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Enjoy watching the movie showing your kids where the classic quote came from.


Jingle All the Way (Rated PG)

In this fun holiday movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the part of a dad who is frantically shopping on Christmas Eve to get his son the “must-have” toy.



The Christmas Dragon (Rated G)

Christmas hasn’t happened for several years. Some people have even forgotten about it. Then an elf gives a magic crystal to a young orphan girl and only she can bring back Christmas.


Samantha: An American Girl Holiday (Rated G)

If your daughter loves American Girl dolls, then this movie is sure to delight her.


All I want for Christmas (Rated G)  

Enjoy the hilarity of this Christmas movie as two kids attempt to get their divorced parents back together.


A Golden Christmas (Not Rated)

This pup-filled movie is a treat. These golden dogs help two people discover their common past.


Christmas Movies for Teens

The teenagers in your family are sure to enjoy these wonderful Christmas movies.


Let It Snow (Not Rated)

Stephanie considers herself to be a Grinch when it comes to Christmas. But will she change her mind when she experiences all the joy Christmas has to hold?


Get Santa (Rated PG)

Santa is not having a good day. He’s crashed his sleigh and the reindeer have run off. Now the police are after him! Santa receives help from a father and his son to help him and save Christmas!


Christmas Cupid (Not Rated)

Teens will enjoy watching this modern-day version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


Jack Frost (Rated PG)

Jack Frost is a dad who can’t keep promises. One year after dying in a car accident, he comes back as a snowman as a final chance to set things right before leaving forever.


A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish (Rated PG)

This movie is a delightful mash-up of Christmas and the Cinderella story.


Santa Girl (Rated 7+)

Cassie is the only daughter of Santa Claus and she must marry the son of Jack Frost. But first she wants to experience what the real world is like while also trying to keep the identity of her father a secret.


Holiday in Handcuffs (Not Rated)

After getting dumped by her boyfriend, getting fired, and having a really bad hair day, Trudie gets really desperate and kidnaps an unsuspecting man named David and takes hi to meet her parents for the holidays. Watch this adventure unfold and see how things change for everyone in Trudie’s family.


Babes in Toyland (Rated G)

Lisa finds herself in Toyland and if she doesn’t believe in toys and Toyland, everything will be destoryed by an evil villian, Barnaby.


Christmas with a Prince (Rated PG-13)

In this sweet Christmas movie, a doctor is treating a former classmate who also happens to be a prince. She thinks he’s still the selfish heartbreaker he was in boarding school but has he changed?


I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Rated PG)

What lengths would a teenager go to in order to get his dad’s car? If Jake can get home before Christmas, he will get his dad’s car. This movie is ful of shinanigans and laughter and learning to enjoy this Christmas season.




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More Christmas Movies for Teens

These movies will also be great for the teens in your family. Is there such thing as too many Christmas movies? I think not.



The Spirit of Christmas (Not Rated)

This is not another version of A Christmas Carol. Kate is trying to sell a historic inn when she finds a ghost who needs help with the mystery of his yearly Christmas haunting.


Last Christmas (Rated PG-13)

Kate works at a year-round Christmas shop as one of Santa’s elves. Kate meets a kind man named Tom after enduring a streak of bad luck. Can Tom help Kate see the world in a new and better way?


Scrooged (Rated PG-13)

Bill Murray stars in this hilarious, modern take of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”


Eight Crazy Nights (Rated PG-13)

Adam Sandler stars in this movie like you’ve never seen him before. This animated musical tells the story of Davey (Sandler), a disgruntled guy just out of jail, and how he changes his ways.


Christmas with the Kranks (Rated PG)

With no kids home for the holidays, the Kranks plan to take a Christmas cruise to the Caribbean. But their neighbors want to win an award for having the best decorated street and they need the Kranks’ help.


Best Christmas Movies for Mom and Dad

 Let’s not forget Mom and Dad in our list of Christmas movie recommendations for the whole family. While the kids are out playing or in their beds sleeping, parents can enjoy these more mature movies.

The Holiday (Rated PG-13)

Two women decide to swap homes for the holidays. After traveling 6000 miles to their home for the holidays, these two women each find a new romance.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Rated PG-13)

Originally released in the 1980s, this humorous Christmas movie is a treat this time of year.


Borrowed Hearts: A Holiday Romance (Not Rated)

This movie is a cute holiday romance about a business owner who hires a single woman and her daughter to pretend to be his family to impress a business associate. I love watching this one every year!


While You Were Sleeping (Rated PG)

We love this movie and can’t wait for the Christmas season to watch it again. We often watch it throughout the year. After an accident and a mix-up at the hospital, Lucy finds herself engaged to a man in a coma. Spending time with his family over the holidays makes her realize just how lonely she is. Will she end up with the man in the coma when he wakes up or his brother?




Christmas Movies for the Whole Family

Gather everyone in the family for these wonderful Christmas movies people and children of all ages will enjoy. Many of the above-mentioned movies will be great for the whole family. It also depends on the ages of your children. If you have little ones along with teens, sometimes it’s difficult to find a movie that everyone will love. Try some of these movies that are appropriate for kids and teens will like them as well.



Miracle on 34th Street (Not Rated)

This black and white Christmas classic is a must-see for all who love the wonder of Christmas and Santa Claus.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (Rated G)

Join Beauty and Beast in this fun- and song-filled holiday adventure.


White Christmas (Not Rated)

Another Christmas classic filled with music and wonder.


Shrek the Halls (Not Rated)

If your family loved the characters in Shrek, you will love this movie where all your favorite characters come together again for this holiday tale.


A Doggone Christmas (Not Rated)

Two young brothers come across a very special dog. They aren’t allowed to have pets but they must hide the dog from helicopters and drones, and also their parents! Together they can save the day and Christmas!


A Christmas Wish (Unrated)

Martha is a single mom and is struggling this holiday season. She’s been praying for a miracle but she has no idea that her neighbors have a treat for her family this Christmas!


Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town (Not Rated)

Based off the song of the same name, this wonderful Christmas classic will bring joy to everyone in the family. Enjoy the voice talents of Fred Astaire as the classic song is brought to life through stop-motion animation.


It’s a Wonderful Life (Rated PG)

George Bailey thinks his life is not worth living. He saves his guardian angel who then shows George what his town would look like without George’s good influence. Can George forget the idea of suicide and realize there are many people who love and need him?


The Grinch (Rated PG)

Illumination’s depiction of Dr. Seuss’s famous Christmas story is just too fun to pass up! Everyone in the family will love this Christmas movie!



More Christmas Movies for the Whole Family

Seriously, there is just no such thing as too many Christmas movies. Your family is bound to fall in love with some of these movies.



The Dog Who Saved Christmas Triple Feature (Rated PG)

Zeus is a very special dog–he is a former K9 police hero dog. Your family will love watching Zeus and the Bannister family in these three movies.


A Year Without Santa Claus (Unrated)

What would happen if Santa Claus took a year off from his gift-giving gig? This year, Santa is feeling forgotten by the world’s children. Everyone will need to work together to get Christmas back to normal.


Kung Fu Panda Holiday (Not Rated)

The Winter Feast is nearing and Po is in charge of hosting the holiday event. Can the Furious Five pull off the feast of the season and learn the true meaning of the Winter Feast?


Annabelle’s Wish (Unrated)

Christmas is approaching and Annabelle, a young calf, has a very special wish. Will Annabelle get her wish?


Rise of the Guardians (Rated PG)

A villain by the name of Pitch Black is trying to ruin the happiness of children everywhere. The Guardians are people like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, charged with protecting kids from despair. Now it’s up to a young Jack Frost to save children and save the world!


The Ultimate Christmas Present (Unrated)

This fun and loving movie is about a couple who finds a weather machine left behind by Santa Claus.



Final Thoughts on Christmas Movies for Family

This article has some of the best Christmas movies for family! Whether you need Christmas movies for the kids, for mom and dad, teens, or the whole family together, you will find tons of fun Christmas movies for family members to choose from!


What are your favorite Christmas movies for family this year? What Christmas movies for family members do you recommend? I would love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment below and let me know!


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