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Christmas gifts for toddlers and babies
Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Babies!

Find information and links below for awesome Christmas gift ideas for under toddlers and babies! These are great Christmas presents that your kids, nieces and nephews, or grandkids will love!!

Make your Christmas gift giving a snap with these great Christmas gift ideas for toddlers and babies!


The Benefits of Buying Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for under $15

You probably know how quickly the costs for Christmas can add up! While we all love the little ones in our lives and want to shower them with gifts to show how much we care and to watch them light up as they unwrap gift after fun gift, that can add up real quick. One way to get the most bang for your buck this Christmas season is to give less expensive Christmas gifts.


Tip: Why not help to eliminate the stress of Christmas shopping and gift giving by planning for a debt-free Christmas next year (or this year!)? Also be sure to check out these 15 simple ideas for how to save money on Christmas this year!

And be sure to grab the free Christmas planner printables below to help keep you organized this Christmas season! Save money and time this holiday season!


The point here is that you can still give wonderful gifts that are from the heart without spending a ton of money. Find great ideas for easy and cheap Christmas gifts for toddlers and babies under $15 by clicking the links in the headings or the images below.


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30+ Christmas Gifts for Toddlers and Babies!

Below are some of the best cheap Christmas gifts for toddlers and babies that they will love!


 1. Winter hat

Keep those little ears warm with this super cute and stylish beanie sized just right for your toddler. They have colors for boys and girls.


Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like the cold? ;-P This hat couldn’t be more adorable for keeping your little one warm this winter!


 2. Premier Chef Set

Do you have a little one in your life who loves to help in the kitchen? This is the perfect gift for them!


3. Personalized Letter from Santa

Do your kids believe in Santa? How would they like to receive their very own personalized letter from the jolly man himself?! And it is another super cheap Christmas gift idea for under $15.


4. Unicorn Toddler Backpack

My kids love backpacks! Even though they are currently not going to public school. This adorable backpack is any girls dream!


5. Cozy Fleece Booties

Keep those little feet warm in the cold weather with these comfy booties. Booties are offered in a variety of colors for boys and girls.


6. Rocket Launchers for Kids

These look like they could be a lot of fun!

7. Spin and Learn Flashlight

I cannot tell you how much my kids love flashlights! They would have a lot of fun with something like this!


8. Music Piano Mat

Wintertime can be more difficult because kids can’t just run outside and play for hours and release some energy. This could be very helpful to use up some of that boundless energy!


9. Felt Christmas Tree Set

How fun is this?! Kids can decorate their own little Christmas tree.


10. Fun Socks

Going along with the theme of keeping warm this winter, here are some options for Christmas-themed socks!


Adorable unisex socks!

And this is another fun set of socks that is a perfect Christmas gift for under $15!


And here is one more set of Christmas-themed socks that would make a fun Christmas gift for under $15.

11. Magna Drawing Doodle Board

The kids on your Christmas list will love the fun they have with this doodle board. It even has colors and the one I had as a kid didn’t have that!

12. Basketball Hoop Bath Toy

I wonder when my kiddos will tire of throwing things… In the meantime, a present like this would be so fun for them!

13. Magnet Boat Bath Toys

My kids love boats and baths! These would even be super fun in the pool outside when summer comes back around!


14. Mega Blocks

Building blocks are pretty much a must have for any kid. They help the child gain motor and engineering skills, creativity, and they’re fun! There are so many benefits to the open-ended aspect of building blocks. My kids love blocks and the love knocking them down the most!

There is a pink version if you want a larger variety of colors!


15. Spike the Hedgehog

This looks like a great learning toy for fine motor skills and sensory exploration for the toddler in your life!


16. Toddler Water Bottle

Help your little one stay hydrated this winter with their very own water bottle!


17. Play Purse and Accessories

Do you have a daughter who wants to be just like Mommy? Well then this gift will light her up this holiday season!


18. Interactive Book

This super cute owl book would be so fun for you and your little one to read together. With rhymes and bright colors, your child will love reading this with you over and over.


19. Dinosaur Toys and Play Mat

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? This set will allow for hours of fun and dino play for your kids!


20. Fishing Game Bath Toy

Bring the classic fair game home to the bathtub this Christmas!


21. Dinosaur Toys with Wheels

Another dinosaur toy here. These fun toys have wheels and would go great with the dinosaur play mat above!


22. Books!

Books are a great gift for kids of any age! Here are some of my favorite books for kids!

We LOVE the Elephant and Piggie books! They are sooo fun!

Should I Share My Ice Cream? was the first book from this series that I read and I simply fell in love with them!

We love this book about Thumper and his siblings who make a basket for their mom.

This classic book is so fun! Will there be enough room?

This book is just so sweet!

Mermaids! Love them!


23. Electronic Doodle Board

We have a doodle board similar to this and it is so fun for the kids to play with. We take it to church with us and we use it for learning and play, of course.

There is also blue (link below) and black offered on Amazon.

24. Wooden Shape Sorter Toy

Sorting is a very important skill for kids to learn. This toy makes it easy and fun!

25. Construction Toys

My kiddos would love playing with this and perhaps yours would too! So much fun and it leaves so much room for imaginative play!

26. Alphabet Puzzle

I love when my kids have toys that help them learn. This puzzle is perfect for developing fine motor skills, letter recognition, etc. We love our alphabet puzzle!

27. Bubble Machines

My kids never tire of bubbles! And Mama just doesn’t have the stamina to blow bubbles all day long and Grandpa (who loves to blow bubbles with the grand kids) can’t be here all the time. Bubble machine to the rescue!

28. Monster Trucks

Boys love all things monster-truck related. These would provide hours of fun for the toddler in your life this holiday season!

Here is another fun version if your kiddo is interested in dinosaurs!

29. Crayons

This Christmas get your kids a different kind of crayon to use! These egg-shaped crayons are great for kids who are old enough to know they aren’t real eggs ;-).

30. Piggy Bank

Teach your kids while they are young to save for the future! This piggy bank is a perfect start for that with fun coins and songs.

31. Nursery Night Light

This night light hs a remote control and it changes colors! How fun!

32. Drop and Go Dump Truck

No matter how many of these types of toys my kids have, they always have a blast with them for hours.

32. Clean-up and Dust Set

I have a little broom and dust pan for my kiddos and they LOVE to get it out and help me while I am sweeping. This set is even better than what we have and I’m very tempted to upgrade!

32. Wooden Lacing Apple

This type of toy would be great for young kids to help develop fine motor skills. It would be perfect for any setting where you want your young one to play quietly.

33. Flower Garden Toy

My son saw this while I was writing the article and he definitely wants one! How fun would it be to build your own garden?!

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Final Thoughts on Great Christmas Gifts for toddlers and babies for under $15

Most kids, especially toddlers, don’t care how much you spent for their Christmas presents! They just want something fun to play with or a good book and time with YOU! Be intentional with your money this Christmas with gifts for toddlers and babies for under $15.

These 47 awesome cheap Christmas gifts for toddlers and babies for under $15 will help you save money on Christmas and will help ensure you stay within your holiday budget! They may even help make it possible for you to enjoy a debt-free Christmas. (<<Tip: read this article now and plan for this next year to make your holidays so much less stressful and so much more merry and bright! :))


What are your favorite cheap Christmas gifts? I would love to know your favorite ideas for cheap Christmas gifts for under $15, as well! Leave a comment below and let me know!


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