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Cheap Valentine's day ideas

Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas

In this article I am going to share some of the best cheap Valentine’s Day ideas!

Find fun and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas you and your sweetheart will love! Find ways to save money on your Valentine’s Day date, Valentine’s Day chocolates, Valentine’s Day gifts, Valentine’s Day flowers, and more!


15 Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas

Discover cheap Valentine’s Day ideas so you can enjoy this special day with your honey without breaking the bank!

Like most holidays—OK, every holiday?—Valentine’s Day can be expensive! And while it’s nice to pamper your special someone on this day, if you’re like most of us, money is pretty tight. And you can still have a wonderful time on Valentine’s Day without spending a bunch of (or any!) money if you choose not to.

Here are 15 simple ideas for ways that you can save money on Valentine’s Day.


1. Take advantage of gift cards or coupons you might have.

I love saving money this way when we go out to eat!

Do you have a gift card to a restaurant that you received for Christmas or another occasion? Use it for dinner to help defray the (or maybe even cover the entire) cost of your meal! Also check out websites like Groupon and Living Social to see what kinds of deals they have.

2. Find a deal.

If you know there is something in particular that your sweetheart wants or would love, shop around to find it at the best price. Depending on the item, check Amazon (seems like they have everything), Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and so on. And remember that you don’t have to buy the most expensive brand or style for the gift to still be truly meaningful. The sooner you start looking, the more likely you will find a great deal, so start now!

3. Give your sweetie an act of service instead of a gift.

Another inexpensive (but potentially priceless) gift is to give an act of service. Take some time to consider what your loved one would truly appreciate, and then dazzle him or her with the act on Valentine’s Day.


4. Have an unconventional date.

Another of my personal favorite cheap Valentine’s day ideas is to go on an unconventional date to celebrate the holiday. You don’t have to do dinner and a movie just because that’s the norm. Consider other activities like going to a park or on a hike (if it’s warm enough), going on a bike ride (maybe rent a tandem bike?), going to a museum, reading together, and so on. You could have a great time doing something different every Valentine’s that is inexpensive and fun.


5. Don’t feel like you have to buy each other a gift (you could even make one, instead!).

There is no rule that says gifts are a necessary part of Valentine’s Day. Even though chocolate and flowers and jewelry are nice, they aren’t necessary to have a wonderful evening. Again, if you have the money and can really afford it and enjoy giving each other nice gifts, great. But if you have nonmortgage debt and especially if you have high-interest debt, that money can be put to excellent use by paying down your debt.

Gifts can say “I love you,” but so can knocking another chunk off of your credit card or student loan or car debt. And the fanciest diamond ring or most elaborate bouquet of flowers does not ensure a lasting, loving, beautiful relationship. In fact, there could very well be an inverse relationship between those things.


6. Find gifts like chocolates, fake flowers and vases, Valentine’s cards, stuffed animals, helium balloons, and more at the dollar store.

You can find a ton of cheap Valentine’s Day ideas by shopping at the dollar store. You can find ideas for gifts, decorations, sweet treats, and more. And again, it’s the thought that counts. Or at least it should be.


7. Stay in instead of dining out.

 Another way to avoid crowds altogether is to stay at home for dinner. If you live with just the two of you, one of you make a special candlelight dinner for the other—or make one of your favorite dishes together! Play some romantic music, dress up if you like, and voila! And then follow dinner with one of your favorite rom com’s snuggled up on the couch together at home.

If you have kiddos, see if you have a family member who would watch them for free or in exchange for you watching their kids or serving them in some way. Or even take the kids to your favorite neighborhood babysitter if you have to. Paying for a couple of hours of babysitting will generally be much cheaper than the $50 to $100 or more you could spend on dinner out. And if your evening out would generally include a movie or other activity as part of your date, you’ll save even more by staying in.


8. Make your sweetheart’s favorite dessert.

If cooking isn’t really your expertise but you like to bake, you could still dine in, but rather than making the dinner the highlight, make it dessert.


9. Make dinner at home, and go out just for dessert.

Another fun and less expensive Valentine’s Day idea is to cook dinner at home but to then go to your favorite restaurant for dessert. Again, that could be on Valentine’s Day, or it could be on any other day that you choose.



10. Leave the jewelry at the jeweler’s or buy inexpensive but fun jewelry.

You know who decided that a diamond is a girl’s best friend? The jeweler. So unless your darling specifically asks for jewelry and you can afford to buy it, just leave it at the jewelry store. Or if your sweetheart loves jewelry but you cannot afford it, then go to the jewelry store to look, but don’t buy.

Or buy inexpensive, fun jewelry and make it extra special with a handwritten note expressing your love and appreciation for your sweetie.


11. Celebrate with a fun Valentine’s Day activity the day (or the Friday or Saturday) after Valentine’s.

You can save a ton of money if you are willing to enjoy the festivities a few days later—or even a day or two earlier. Go out to lunch or dinner a few days early or late, buy flowers a few days early or late, buy your favorite Valentine treats a few days early or late. For example, if you love Valentine’s chocolates, you could get them for 75 percent or more off if you wait a day or a few days.

Similarly, if you eat dinner on a different night, you might save as much as 50 percent off of the price of a fancy (but undoubtedly overpriced!) Valentine’s dinner. And extra bonus, you can avoid the crazy crowds! In my book, nothing says “I love you” like saving a bunch of money. 😊


12. Save money on flowers.

Buy a single rose or a couple of roses (perhaps it’s your second anniversary, for example) instead of a dozen roses. Or buy a beautiful but less expensive flower or plant in place of a rose. And buy your flowers from places that are likely less expensive than your local florist shop. Try a local nursery. And skip the delivery. If you do get flowers, pick them up and deliver them yourself so that you’re not paying a premium for someone else to do it.


13. Give homemade paper flowers instead of real ones.

Another of my favorite inexpensive Valentine’s Day ideas is to give simple fake flowers instead of real ones. Flowers are so expensive—especially on Valentine’s Day! My husband makes roses out of paper towels, and maybe I’m biased, but I think they’re beautiful. See if you can do something similar, and you will save a bunch of money (especially if it becomes a yearly tradition!).


14. Give a simple, heartfelt Valentine’s Day card.

Give a Valentine’s card with a handwritten love note inside instead of a gift or instead of a gift and going out to eat. Or save even more money, and perhaps score more brownie points, by making the card yourself!


15. Consider celebrating by simply saying “Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you!” and leaving it at that.

One of the best cheap Valentine’s Day ideas, if you really want to save money, is to not celebrate it at all. After all, you’ll be celebrating your love on your anniversary. And your birthdays. And for that matter, you have the opportunity to celebrate, in a simpler way, every other precious day that you get to be together. Right? Why not make sure you are doing that?



There are so many ways that you can save money on Valentine’s Day and still have a great time! You can save on the food, save on the flowers, save on the jewelry, save on the chocolate and other confections, save on the after-dinner activities, save on the babysitting, and more! Take some time to really consider how you could best spend your time together to strengthen your relationship, and you might find that spending money has nothing to do with it.

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