15+ Best Family Board Games for Christmas

board games for families for Christmas

In this article I want to share a list of some of the best family board games for Christmas that you can give as gifts to the kids, to the family, or to other loved ones. This list of the best family board games for Christmas can give you hours of fun!

One of the great things about board games is that once you buy them, they are paid for, and you can then have tons and tons of hours of free fun! We have board games that are 20 years old that I got as a teenager, and my parents and in-laws have board games that we played as kids (so those games are a few decades old)!

Playing board games is a fun and frugal way to help spend time together as a family during the Christmas season. For more ideas, check out this article with 25 ways to have a fun and frugal Christmas!

Any of the games listed below would make great Christmas gifts for family members or friends this holiday season!

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15+ Best Family Board Games for Christmas This Year

Read on to find some of the most popular board games for families of all ages. Click the images below to learn more about each game!


Our kids love Telestrations, a fun drawing game where you can have up to 8 players.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens has become quite popular in the last few years. You can look at it as a fun twist on Russian roulette. It is made for two to five players. It is quick to learn and quick to play, and it is great for people who love kittens, and explosions, and laser beams. 🙂


Both Monopoly and Monopoly Jr. can be a lot of fun for kids. Though we have played regular Monopoly with our kids (who are pretty young; the youngest two are five), Monopoly Jr. may be the better choice for them.

Though this is a classic edition of Monopoly Junior, there are many others that are fun, like Monopoly Junior Unicorn Edition, Disney Princesses edition, Unicorns vs. Llamas edition, and more.


Life is another fun classic board game for families that would make an ideal Christmas gift. It also has a lot of fun editions.


Taboo is a great game for family who are a little bit older (recommended age is 13+) or to play with friends.


This is another classic game that our family loves. And there are different fun editions for this game, as well, like a Harry Potter edition. Even the new classic edition has a new suspect that has been added to the fun.

Like many of the classic games, there is also a Clue Junior edition (no murders happen; but you do get cake and chocolate milk!), and our kids love to play that!

Settlers of Catan

This is another game that we play often in our family. (And I’ve even won a time or two. :))

Ticket to Ride

We also love Ticket to Ride, and this is another game that I would consider one of the best family board games for Christmas gifts. Like many of the other family games included in this list, in addition to the one pictured above, there are many other editions to choose from!


This is a fun guessing game for kids, especially. My kids love to play this quick and fun guessing game.


We also love to play Codenames in our family, and I think it is another one of the best board games for families for Christmas.


Pandemic is a fun game, and the thing that I love most about it is that it is a cooperative game, where everyone works together to beat the game. Because this game is a little more challenging it is best suited for kids that are older; the game recommends 13+.


This is another fun classic game that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults of all ages.


If you love working with words, then you will love Scrabble!

Guess Who

Guess Who? is another classic family game that my kids love. Because you do have to be able to read the names, it is best suited for kids that are at least 5 (unless you have another reader who can help them, of course :)).

Connect 4

Connect 4 is another fun and simple game that kids love.


Pictionary is another fun game because what kid doesn’t like to draw? This edition shown above comes with markers and erasable boards! #win

What Is the Best Family Board Game?

After reading all of those options, who might wonder, What is the best family board game? I don’t know that I could narrow it down to just one best family board game, because there are a lot to choose from! Some of the classics are of course Monopoly, Life, Settlers of Catan, Codenames, Pandemic, Scrabble, and Ticket to Ride.

Of course young children love classic children’s games like Candy Land, Clue Jr., Monopoly Jr., Chutes and Ladders, and Hungry, Hungry Hippo.

Final Thoughts on the Best Family Board Games for Christmas

No matter the age of your kiddos, you can find board games for Christmas that you can give as gifts that will help your family or the family you gift the game to to strengthen their family ties and grow closer together. As families spend more time together, they tend to get to know each other better and grow closer together.

55+ Christmas Eve Traditions {That Won’t Break the Bank}

Christmas Eve traditions

Christmas Eve Traditions

In this article I am going to share some of the best Christmas Eve traditions! These Christmas Eve traditions are perfect for families, for those with young kids, those with older kids, and for couples.

The Christmas Eve activities included in this article are perfect for enjoying this special evening! If you know that there are fun Christmas Eve traditions and activities that you want your family to participate in this year, then use the items listed in this article to create the perfect Christmas Eve for your family!


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Memorable Christmas Eve Traditions and Christmas Eve Activities You Will Love!

In so many ways, Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

And the wonderful Christmas Eve traditions for families and others are part of what makes the holiday season so magical! From making Christmas cookies and other Christmas treats, singing and listening to Christmas carols, watching favorite Christmas movies, reading the Christmas story in the Bible, and more, there are Christmas Eve traditions that every member of the family can participate in and enjoy.


Family Christmas Eve Traditions (Fun Christmas Eve Activities for the Family!)

These fun and festive Christmas Eve activities can bring you closer together as a family and give you a chance to build special memories that you and your children can look on and remember for decades.

The Christmas season is so much more than giving and receiving gifts. Even though kids wait for Christmas morning with incredible anticipation, you can teach them that the gifts of Christmas morning are just one (small) part of the amazing Christmas season.

And one of my favorite things about the Christmas Eve traditions I share below? Most of them you can do for free or very inexpensively. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a wonderful Christmas season.


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The Best Kind of Christmas Eve Traditions and Christmas Eve Activities for Families

I truly feel that most of the time, simpler is better. And especially when you have younger kids like we do, it’s good to keep things fairly simple and not have too high of expectations the first time you do things.

Even though I know this is a long list of potential Christmas Eve traditions and activities, don’t try to cram in too much during the evening. Just pick the things that you feel would be the most important or most enjoyable for your family, write them down on your list, and then be flexible about things when some of your plans inevitably change. (I like to use pencil to write my plans. 😊)

Many of these Christmas Eve activities are cheap or even free, and I think those are some of the best activities of all. Remember—it’s not how much you spend. It’s the type of bonds you are forming as you spend crucial family time together as you talk and laugh and play and work that matters much more than anything else.


***Pro tip: Grab the free Christmas budget printable above ☝️ (and other awesome free Christmas planning printables!) to help you stay on budget and plan an awesome, joyful, and stress-free Christmas this year!***


Why have Christmas Eve traditions?

Many people have fabulous traditions for Christmas Day but what about Christmas Eve? Having Christmas Eve traditions is a great way to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Kids will remember the time spent doing fun things together as a family and they will look forward to it every year. Christmas Eve is the perfect day to do things that you don’t have time for on Christmas Day.


How many Christmas Eve traditions should you have?

This is really up to you and your family. It also depends on how involved your Christmas Eve traditions are. A few traditions that take a lot of energy and time will be plenty while if you choose several small, easy traditions, you will be able to keep up the traditions every year and not be overwhelmed.

Don’t be afraid to change your traditions if you want. If your kids have outgrown a certain tradition, don’t worry about changing it to a different tradition that will better fit the age they are at now.


How much should you spend on Christmas Eve traditions?

This also depends on you, your family, and your financial situation. You could budget a certain amount for Christmas Eve traditions. If you don’t have room in your budget for this right now, that’s OK! A lot of the ideas on this list are free or they cost very little. Fun does NOT have to be expensive! We do have a few options in this list if you have a few extra dollars to spend this holiday season. 🙂



55+ Best Christmas Eve Traditions and Christmas Eve Activities

Start the holiday festivities on Thanksgiving weekend (or even sooner, if you want! I start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween is over! 😊)

Give yourself plenty of time. Don’t feel rushed. Start decorating early, and get done early, so you can have the whole season to enjoy the shining Christmas tree lights at night, the tinsel, the holly, the garland, the mistletoe, the cinnamon-scented pinecones—all of it!



Christmas Eve Traditions Involving Service

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas Eve and to remember the reason for the season can be to serve someone else.


Deliver Christmas Cookies to Neighbors.

I had friends in high school who spent the few days before Christmas Eve baking and making yummy holiday treats. On Christmas Eve they would deliver the treats to neighbors and friends. It was a great way for them to visit with people they cared about and wish them a Merry Christmas.


Volunteer in Your Community.

There are many opportunities this time of year for service. Make plans to volunteer or perform a service this Christmas season. This could be one of the most important plans you make this year! It’s good for you and it’s good for your community. What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than to serve like he did?


Invite Someone Over to Celebrate with You.

If you know someone who doesn’t have family nearby for Christmas, consider inviting them over to spend Christmas Eve with you and partake in the festivities. It could really bless their life to be involved and loved when they would otherwise have been alone.


Put Together a Care Package.

What a great way to serve this Christmas season! Putting a few things in a care package for a friend, family member, or military member is a thoughtful way to serve this holiday.


Traditions Involving Crafts

There are lots of fun Christmas crafts that will make a fun Christmas Eve activity! Here are some of my favorites.


Make Christmas Crafts.

Making Christmas crafts is a fun activity to do on Christmas Eve. You could switch it up each year and make different things according to the skill level of your children. There are endless ideas on the internet for Christmas crafts!

Make Christmas Cards.

Do you have scrapbooking supplies hanging around? How about some construction paper and crayons? Or printer paper and markers? You can make personalized Christmas cards from any variety of crafting supplies and they are so special. If you have young kids, you could trace their hands or dip them in finger paint if you are extra brave. It would be a wonderful gift for grandparents!


Have a Christmas-Cookie Baking or Decorating Competition.

Baking Christmas treats is one of the best parts of the whole season, right? Do Christmas calories even count? Put a little spin in the Christmas baking and decorating and make it a friendly holiday competition!


Make and Decorate a Gingerbread House.

This is so fun with kids! If you are a baker you could bake your own gingerbread house. Or they have kits at the store but those can get pretty expensive. A cheap and easy idea is to use graham crackers and frosting with different kinds of candy and some powdered sugar. You could even have a contest for the tallest house, the prettiest house, the yummiest-looking house, and so on. So fun!


Just Plain Fun Christmas Eve Traditions


Hang Some Mistletoe.

Or something that looks like mistletoe if you can’t find the real thing. Just for fun try to see how many times you can catch your spouse under the mistletoe!


Open Presents at Midnight.

Some cultures stay up and open all their presents at midnight after the holiday feast. Sounds like a great time but I don’t know when I would wrap the presents since I wrap them all on Christmas Eve after the kids go to sleep. 😛  I would have to plan ahead!


Everyone Wear Ugly, Gaudy Christmas Sweaters.

You could even turn it into a contest to see who has the worst sweater. I think these sweaters are such good fun!


Redecorate the House with Special Lights for the Kids.

If you love to decorate, perhaps you would like to redecorate the house on Christmas Eve. Or you could just add more decorations for the special day. Make it extra special and surprise your kids with lights in their room.


Play in the Snow

If you live in an area of the world that has snow this time of year, get out there and play! You don’t even need special clothing if you just go out for a quick few minutes. What a great free way to have some fun this Christmas Eve.


Have a Christmas Treasure Hunt.

This could be really fun for Christmas Eve. At the end of the treasure hunt you could have a little treat or a present that can be opened that day.


Hang Up Your Christmas Stockings.

Consider making this a special tradition this Christmas Eve. You could tell where this tradition first originated before your family hangs up their stockings.


Make a Human Christmas Tree.

This just sounds like so much fun! Do you have extra garland and (preferably plastic) ornaments laying around? Make it a team effort to transform a family member or friend into a human Christmas tree. There is no end to the possibilities if you have a creative side.


Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar.

Having a party or a movie night? Set up a little hot chocolate bar with some hot cocoa fixin’s. Hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, candy canes, whipped topping, etc. Mmmm. Sounds delicious.


Read a Christmas Classic.

Choose a short Christmas book to read every Christmas Eve. Check your local library for fun options. Re-read the same book every year or choose a different one each year!


Have a Sibling Slumber Party …

This one sounds so fun! I have a LOT of siblings so having a big slumber party sounds like a blast to me! Throw some sleeping bags on the floor by the Christmas tree and enjoy some sibling time this Christmas Eve. Or it could be really fun for all the little cousins to have a sleepover party together!


… In a Christmas Campout!

To make the previous tradition even more fun, throw up some blankets or sheets in a makeshift tent in the family room and make it a Christmas Campout! I can’t believe how fun that sounds!


Choose a Movie Series (Doesn’t Have to Be Christmas-y) and Watch It Every Year.

Have a favorite movie series but don’t have time during the year to watch it? Watch it on Christmas Eve every year and problem solved! It doesn’t even have to be a Christmas-themed movie. I love Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea but it’s so hard to find the time to watch it between my job, my blog, and my kids. A good plan is to watch it every year on Christmas Eve! Parts of it are even Christmas-y!


Eat Christmas-Themed Meals All Day Long.

If you are into crafting and baking and making things cutesy, making Christmas-themed meals all throughout the day would be so fun. Imagine pancakes decorated with strawberries and whipped topping to look like Santa or shape your pancakes like a snowman. You could do a vegetable tray in the shape of a Christmas tree or wreath for a lunch side dish. And for dinner have some spinach pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Google for more ideas and have fun!


Exchange One Small Gift.

Growing up we were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve. I love doing this! Have everyone in your family draw someone’s name and purchase or make them a small gift. Then open it Christmas Eve.


Host a Family Gathering.

Christmastime is a great time to spend with family! Why not host a family get-together? Have everyone come over and bring a dish for a potluck dinner. Play games, watch a movie, or read about the birth of Christ. Or choose something else from this list and enjoy your time together. So wonderful!


Drive Around to Look at Christmas Light Displays.

I love doing this with my kids! We will often go to the neighborhoods that have the best lights in the valley and invite some of my siblings and their kids to come too. It’s so fun and we all love seeing all the lights.


Make and Open a Christmas Eve Box.

This idea is so fun! Put together a little box to give to your family on Christmas Eve. In the box you can put some popcorn, hot cocoa mix, a movie, a Christmas book, etc. Spend the day enjoying the things in the box together.


Gift and/or Wear Matching Christmas Pajamas.

Just a fun little tradition! Gift and open matching pajamas or wear matching pajamas if you already have them. I love dressing my kids in Christmas jammies even if they don’t match exactly, it’s still really cute!


Watch a Christmas Movie.

Of course! Who doesn’t want to curl up on the couch by the fire with some hot cocoa and popcorn and watch a wonderful Christmas movie?! Check out THIS POST to see a plethora of options for Christmas movies for everyone and anyone in the family. Hallmark, anyone?


Go Caroling around the Neighborhood.

I love Christmas music! Going caroling is one of my favorite things! I have great memories as a teen going caroling in the town where I grew up. This is a great way to spread joy and love this season!


Gift a New Ornament.

A fun tradition could be to add a new ornament to your collection every year and put it on the tree on Christmas Eve. Then each year you can remember each previous year and the good times spent with family.


Stay Up Past Bedtime.

Is it even possible to NOT stay up past bedtime on Christmas Eve?! With all the fun and food to fit into one day before Christmas, there just never seems to be enough time so we inevitably stay up past bedtime! Not to worry, it’s tradition!


Make Grinch Popcorn.

The ingredients for this yummy popcorn are very simple. Google the recipe and whip this tasty treat up this Christmas Eve. You may enjoy it so much you’ll make it a yearly tradition. Remember, Christmas calories don’t count!


Keep reading to find more ideas for Christmas Eve traditions! 👇


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Games on Christmas Eve


Play Christmas Board Games.

There are some games out there that are special Christmas board games. If you have one of those you could make playing it a yearly tradition. If you love board games but don’t have a Christmas one, see if you can modify one of your current board games and give it a Christmas Eve twist!


Host a White Elephant Game.

This is a classic Christmas party game. My mom’s siblings do this when they get together every year for Christmas. It is a lot of fun. They are not allowed to spend any money on the gift they contribute so it’s very interesting to see what people bring!


Play Christmas Games (other than board games).

There are some really fun Christmas games you could play on Christmas Eve! Do a quick Google search to find one that your family would love! Some ideas include Christmas 20 questions, Christmas Pictionary, or a present-opening game.


Have a Christmas Cup Tower Building Contest.

Oh boy, do my kids love building towers! You could purchase a package of red and green disposable cups and have a contest on who can build the tallest tower or the most unique tower. Save the cups to play again year after year.


Host a Game Night.

Gather friends and family around and have a game night! Play Christmas games or non-Christmas games! Any games will do really. The point is to have fun and bond with loved ones.


Pin the Nose on Rudolph.

Little kids will love this Christmas twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. I think adults will also enjoy watching the kids play and have fun at this game. Keep the supplies and play again next year!


Guess What’s in the Stocking.

Oh the fun that could be had with this game! Put ten or so items in a large stocking. Tie it shut and pass it around the circle of your friends and family. Have everyone write down what they think is inside and see what everyone comes up with. Items to consider: pine cone, ornament, plastic animal or toy, roll of tape, small utensil, etc.


Race for Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers.

Are you notorious for waiting until the last minute to find stocking stuffers? Sometimes it’s just so hard to know what to buy so I leave it for the last minute. Why not use this habit and make it fun?! Take your spouse or best friend and give yourselves 15 minutes or less to run into the dollar store or Ross or some other store and buy some presents. Give yourselves a budget also. The person who finds the best, most fun, most unique, etc., gifts wins. And everybody wins because it was so fun!



Celebrating Christ This Christmas Eve

One of the best ways to celebrate on Christmas is to do activities that celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ.


Listen to Religious Christmas Songs.

Hey, I love Last Christmas just as much as the next person, but for a little while, consider listening to religious Christmas music to help remind yourself the true meaning of Christmas and what Christ’s birth has meant for you and the world.


Have a Shepherd’s Christmas Eve Dinner.

Consider having a simple meal like a shepherd would have had in the time of Christ. Ideas include fried salmon, hummus, pita bread, cheese, dried fruit, crackers, grapes, etc. If you really want to get into it, have everyone dress up like a shepherd and drape some sheets to mimic a tent over the table.


Attend Church Services.

Many religions hold church services on Christmas Eve. Gather the whole family together and make it a Christmas Eve tradition.


Read about Christ’s Birth.

I love this tradition! What is Christmas without the story about why we celebrate it in the first place? It’s a great way to make sure we include Christ in our Christmas celebrations.


Go See or Take Part in a Live Nativity Scene.

There are places that have the Nativity Scene but instead of figurines or statues, it’s real people in the scene. I love these!


Build Bethlehem out of Blocks.

My kids would love this! Build the city of Bethlehem out of blocks and help your children realize that it is a real place. Bring over some of your nativity pieces if you have them and play for a little while in “Bethlehem.”


Santa Traditions*

Here are some fun ideas for Christmas Eve traditions that involve Santa. 


Leave Out a Key for Santa.

What if you don’t have a chimney for Santa to come down and deliver presents? Not to worry! Leave a special “key” on your front door knob so Santa can get in a leave presents.


Sprinkle Reindeer Dust Outside.

Help Santa find his way by leaving a path of colored sugar that leads to your door just before you put the kids to bed. This kids will be so thrilled to help Santa!


Leave Treats for Santa and the Reindeer.

Santa and the Reindeer need a little snack so they can keep on delivering all the toys! Leave out some cookies and milk for Santa and don’t forget carrots for the reindeer!


Write a Letter to Santa to Leave with Cookies.

Do you leave out cookies for Santa? Have your kids write a letter to Santa to leave out with the cookies. So fun!


Track Santa.

There’s a website for that! Go to noradsanta.org and track Santa wherever he goes this Christmas Eve! Wouldn’t it be exciting to see where Santa is and imagine when he will get to your neighborhood?


Leave “Evidence” that Santa Visited.

The ideas for this tradition are so clever! Beyond just eating the cookies and carrots and drinking most of the milk. You can leave “snowy” footprints leading to your tree. Santa can have his own wrapping paper that is different from the rest of the presents under the tree. You can even find a website that will send you a letter postmarked from Santa!


Enjoy a Visit from Santa.

Know a guy who looks like Santa? You could have “Santa” make a very special visit as a Christmas Eve tradition!


Write an Elf Letter.

Tired of writing letters to Santa? You and your kids could write a little teeny tiny letter to an elf as a new Christmas Eve tradition!


Have a Reindeer Deliver One Small Gift.

How would your child react if they got a small gift from one of Santa’s reindeer? How fun! I remember one year I was helping my mom wrap presents and got tired of writing “From: Santa” on every present. (There were a lot of presents—I have a lot of siblings!) So I started getting creative and wrote that the presents were from the elves or some of the reindeer. Why not shake it up a little?!



*Disclaimer: Just to be true to myself, I want to share that in our family we do have fun with Santa, but we don’t pretend that he is real. You can learn why in this article under the heading about the jolly big lie.


If You Have Some Extra Dough

If you have a some money to spend, here are some additional fun Christmas Eve traditions you may want to enjoy with your family.


Pay Someone Else’s Tab at a Restaurant.

If you do decide to go out for Christmas Eve, consider paying for another table’s tab along with your own. What a wonderful way to serve and surprise someone else this Christmas season!

Get a Christmas Eve Takeout Dinner.

Some families make it a tradition to get takeout on Christmas Eve. Take it home and enjoy with family and friends by the tree!

Final Thoughts on Christmas Eve Traditions and Christmas Eve Activities

I wish you all the best this Christmas season. If you have any other suggestions for Christmas Eve traditions, leave a comment below. I love to read what others do to celebrate the birth of Christ and spend time with loved ones. I hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas Eve traditions and if you are looking for some to implement with your family, I hope some of these are what you were looking for. Merry Christmas!


What are your favorite family Christmas Eve traditions and Christmas Eve activities? What Christmas Eve traditions would you love to add to your yearly list of fun activities and events? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, so please leave a comment below!


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47 Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

Christmas gifts for toddlers and babies
Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Babies!

Find information and links below for awesome Christmas gift ideas for under toddlers and babies! These are great Christmas presents that your kids, nieces and nephews, or grandkids will love!!

Make your Christmas gift giving a snap with these great Christmas gift ideas for toddlers and babies!


The Benefits of Buying Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for under $15

You probably know how quickly the costs for Christmas can add up! While we all love the little ones in our lives and want to shower them with gifts to show how much we care and to watch them light up as they unwrap gift after fun gift, that can add up real quick. One way to get the most bang for your buck this Christmas season is to give less expensive Christmas gifts.


Tip: Why not help to eliminate the stress of Christmas shopping and gift giving by planning for a debt-free Christmas next year (or this year!)? Also be sure to check out these 15 simple ideas for how to save money on Christmas this year!

And be sure to grab the free Christmas planner printables below to help keep you organized this Christmas season! Save money and time this holiday season!


The point here is that you can still give wonderful gifts that are from the heart without spending a ton of money. Find great ideas for easy and cheap Christmas gifts for toddlers and babies under $15 by clicking the links in the headings or the images below.


Tip: Pin the image above so that you can easily find later these ideas for Christmas gift ideas for toddlers and babies!

30+ Christmas Gifts for Toddlers and Babies!

Below are some of the best cheap Christmas gifts for toddlers and babies that they will love!


 1. Winter hat

Keep those little ears warm with this super cute and stylish beanie sized just right for your toddler. They have colors for boys and girls.


Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like the cold? ;-P This hat couldn’t be more adorable for keeping your little one warm this winter!


 2. Premier Chef Set

Do you have a little one in your life who loves to help in the kitchen? This is the perfect gift for them!


3. Personalized Letter from Santa

Do your kids believe in Santa? How would they like to receive their very own personalized letter from the jolly man himself?! And it is another super cheap Christmas gift idea for under $15.


4. Unicorn Toddler Backpack

My kids love backpacks! Even though they are currently not going to public school. This adorable backpack is any girls dream!


5. Cozy Fleece Booties

Keep those little feet warm in the cold weather with these comfy booties. Booties are offered in a variety of colors for boys and girls.


6. Rocket Launchers for Kids

These look like they could be a lot of fun!

7. Spin and Learn Flashlight

I cannot tell you how much my kids love flashlights! They would have a lot of fun with something like this!


8. Music Piano Mat

Wintertime can be more difficult because kids can’t just run outside and play for hours and release some energy. This could be very helpful to use up some of that boundless energy!


9. Felt Christmas Tree Set

How fun is this?! Kids can decorate their own little Christmas tree.


10. Fun Socks

Going along with the theme of keeping warm this winter, here are some options for Christmas-themed socks!


Adorable unisex socks!

And this is another fun set of socks that is a perfect Christmas gift for under $15!


And here is one more set of Christmas-themed socks that would make a fun Christmas gift for under $15.

11. Magna Drawing Doodle Board

The kids on your Christmas list will love the fun they have with this doodle board. It even has colors and the one I had as a kid didn’t have that!

12. Basketball Hoop Bath Toy

I wonder when my kiddos will tire of throwing things… In the meantime, a present like this would be so fun for them!

13. Magnet Boat Bath Toys

My kids love boats and baths! These would even be super fun in the pool outside when summer comes back around!


14. Mega Blocks

Building blocks are pretty much a must have for any kid. They help the child gain motor and engineering skills, creativity, and they’re fun! There are so many benefits to the open-ended aspect of building blocks. My kids love blocks and the love knocking them down the most!

There is a pink version if you want a larger variety of colors!


15. Spike the Hedgehog

This looks like a great learning toy for fine motor skills and sensory exploration for the toddler in your life!


16. Toddler Water Bottle

Help your little one stay hydrated this winter with their very own water bottle!


17. Play Purse and Accessories

Do you have a daughter who wants to be just like Mommy? Well then this gift will light her up this holiday season!


18. Interactive Book

This super cute owl book would be so fun for you and your little one to read together. With rhymes and bright colors, your child will love reading this with you over and over.


19. Dinosaur Toys and Play Mat

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? This set will allow for hours of fun and dino play for your kids!


20. Fishing Game Bath Toy

Bring the classic fair game home to the bathtub this Christmas!


21. Dinosaur Toys with Wheels

Another dinosaur toy here. These fun toys have wheels and would go great with the dinosaur play mat above!


22. Books!

Books are a great gift for kids of any age! Here are some of my favorite books for kids!

We LOVE the Elephant and Piggie books! They are sooo fun!

Should I Share My Ice Cream? was the first book from this series that I read and I simply fell in love with them!

We love this book about Thumper and his siblings who make a basket for their mom.

This classic book is so fun! Will there be enough room?

This book is just so sweet!

Mermaids! Love them!


23. Electronic Doodle Board

We have a doodle board similar to this and it is so fun for the kids to play with. We take it to church with us and we use it for learning and play, of course.

There is also blue (link below) and black offered on Amazon.

24. Wooden Shape Sorter Toy

Sorting is a very important skill for kids to learn. This toy makes it easy and fun!

25. Construction Toys

My kiddos would love playing with this and perhaps yours would too! So much fun and it leaves so much room for imaginative play!

26. Alphabet Puzzle

I love when my kids have toys that help them learn. This puzzle is perfect for developing fine motor skills, letter recognition, etc. We love our alphabet puzzle!

27. Bubble Machines

My kids never tire of bubbles! And Mama just doesn’t have the stamina to blow bubbles all day long and Grandpa (who loves to blow bubbles with the grand kids) can’t be here all the time. Bubble machine to the rescue!

28. Monster Trucks

Boys love all things monster-truck related. These would provide hours of fun for the toddler in your life this holiday season!

Here is another fun version if your kiddo is interested in dinosaurs!

29. Crayons

This Christmas get your kids a different kind of crayon to use! These egg-shaped crayons are great for kids who are old enough to know they aren’t real eggs ;-).

30. Piggy Bank

Teach your kids while they are young to save for the future! This piggy bank is a perfect start for that with fun coins and songs.

31. Nursery Night Light

This night light hs a remote control and it changes colors! How fun!

32. Drop and Go Dump Truck

No matter how many of these types of toys my kids have, they always have a blast with them for hours.

32. Clean-up and Dust Set

I have a little broom and dust pan for my kiddos and they LOVE to get it out and help me while I am sweeping. This set is even better than what we have and I’m very tempted to upgrade!

32. Wooden Lacing Apple

This type of toy would be great for young kids to help develop fine motor skills. It would be perfect for any setting where you want your young one to play quietly.

33. Flower Garden Toy

My son saw this while I was writing the article and he definitely wants one! How fun would it be to build your own garden?!

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Final Thoughts on Great Christmas Gifts for toddlers and babies for under $15

Most kids, especially toddlers, don’t care how much you spent for their Christmas presents! They just want something fun to play with or a good book and time with YOU! Be intentional with your money this Christmas with gifts for toddlers and babies for under $15.

These 47 awesome cheap Christmas gifts for toddlers and babies for under $15 will help you save money on Christmas and will help ensure you stay within your holiday budget! They may even help make it possible for you to enjoy a debt-free Christmas. (<<Tip: read this article now and plan for this next year to make your holidays so much less stressful and so much more merry and bright! :))


What are your favorite cheap Christmas gifts? I would love to know your favorite ideas for cheap Christmas gifts for under $15, as well! Leave a comment below and let me know!


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25 Best Free Christmas Gifts for Kids {They’ll Love!}

free Chirstmas gifts for kids

Free Christmas Gifts for Kids

Buying Christmas gifts for your kids can definitely be a budget buster if you let it. But your Christmas gift giving does not have to break the bank! In this article I am going to share 25 of my best ideas for free Christmas gifts for kids!


Quick tip: Save the image above to Pinterest so that you can easily refer to this article on the best free Christmas gifts for kids later!



Saving Money on Christmas Gifts for Kids

What do you give as a gift for Christmas if you have no money? If you and your family are wanting or needing to spend less money this Christmas, these free gift ideas will be perfect. Sometimes families do not have sufficient income or have savings goals that prevent them from spending a lot on Christmas.

Free Christmas gifts for kids are perfect for this situation! And some families prefer to gift experiences over physical gifts. This list contains many options for both free Christmas experiences and free physical Christmas gifts for kids!

The awesome thing is that even when you are trying to cut back on your Christmas gift spending, and even on your spending on Christmas gifts for kids, you can still have a wonderful Christmas as a family! And you don’t necessarily even have to cut back on the amount of gift giving you do, either (although that is one good way to save a lot of money!). 

In order to save money on Christmas gifts for kids, you just have to be intentional and do some planning, and you can still give wonderful gifts for Christmas, even if you have a tight Christmas budget this year!

Like many young couples, when my husband and I got married, we were in school, and we just didn’t have a lot of money for Christmas gifts.

And once we were done with school and started to learn about personal finance and managing money, we decided we wanted to get unburied from the big pile of debt that we had. So we never got into the habit of spending  a ton of money on Christmas.

Now that we have three kiddos we definitely spend more money on Christmas than we used to, but we still don’t spend a ton of money on Christmas presents.

Giving free Christmas presents to your kids is definitely one way you can cut back on Christmas spending!

You will find tons of ideas in this article for how you can save money on your Christmas gift giving for children! 💪

So read on to find my best ideas for awesome free Christmas presents for your kiddos!


Heads up! Also be sure to check out this related article for ways to make more money for Christmas! That way, you can spend more money on Christmas gifts, guilt free without busting your budget!

***Pro Saving Tip! Use the free Christmas planning printables just below to help you plan your Christmas gift giving and Christmas budget!***


Why Try to Save Money on Christmas Gifts for Kids?

I love Christmas as much as the next guy or gal—definitely! (I am happy to start listening to Christmas music in October, or even sooner! :))

But the spending on Christmas these days can be kind of over the top sometimes! It’s one day of the year!

Granted, it’s a very important day of the year. If you’re Christian like me, it’s one of the very most important days of the year. But it’s not primarily because of the toys and gadgets and all the stuff.

The average American family spent about $970 on Christmas last year. That’s about $700 more than we spent on Christmas for all of our gift giving. And that’s not because we’re scrooges, but because we do realize that Christmas is just one day a year and we want to save our money for things that we love even more than a bunch of gifts on Christmas. (Don’t worry, though; our kids already have plenty of stuff and tons of toys. They’re not deprived! 😊)

What we would rather do is spend more money on meaningful experiences like fun family vacations and saving for our kids’ (debt free) college educations and retirement, and less money on stuff that might just collect dust in a toy box, for example.

Most families have credit card and car and other debt, and if you can save some money and still have a wonderful Christmas (you can!), then you won’t add any more debt to an already strained budget.

So read on to learn some of my best ideas for how to save money by giving free Christmas gifts to the kids!



25 Best Free Christmas Gifts for Kids!

Whether you have a tight budget this year or whether you just want to cut back on Christmas spending for other reasons (or maybe you have a particularly long Christmas gift list this year!), these awesome ideas for free Christmas gifts for kids will help keep you from overspending this holiday season.

Here are some simple things you can do to save money on Christmas gift giving by giving free Christmas presents to your kids this year.


1. Teach your kids a skill to give them an awesome free Christmas gift.

Teaching your child an important or fun skill is a great gift! There are so many skills we can teach our children that will benefit them in the future. Baking, cooking, grocery shopping, piano, crafting, photography, etc. There are so many options! What does your child like to do? What kind of skills will they need in the future? Teach them something and spend some quality time together.



***Pro tip:  Be sure to grab the free Christmas budget printable above ☝️ (and other awesome free Christmas planning printables!) to help you stay on budget and plan an awesome, joyful, and stress-free Christmas this year!***

2. Give your kids a TV show or movie punch card.

 If your family watches little television or watches it only on special occasions or weekends (like we generally only do), then this gift is perfect for your family.

If you want to be a little more conscious and proactive about how much TV time your child gets, a punch card is a great idea. Decide how many TV show episodes or movies you want to gift to your little ones.

Then take a sheet of paper and design a punch card or mark-off card that the children can have and utilize when they want to watch a show. It doesn’t have to be terribly fancy or particularly nice. Draw it or use a computer and printer.

Have a circle for each TV show or movie, and mark one off or hole punch one each time your child uses it.


3. Find a free event for the kids to enjoy.

Kids love doing special things with their family and the Christmas season is no exception. The holiday season often has many free events available for families to attend. Free concerts, Christmas lights shows, going to see reindeer and Santa, live-action nativity scenes, Christmas tree light-up celebrations, and so on.

Check your community for fun Christmas activities and enjoy the whole experience as a family. Creating wonderful memories with activities like these will bond your family together and remind your kids that family is important.


**Pro tip: Find ways to make money at Christmas, too!

Finding ways to save money at Christmas isn’t the only way to have an awesome debt-free or less stressful Christmas! Making extra money for the holidays is another way to enjoy an amazing Christmas holiday season!

Check out this article with more than 80 ways to make more money for Christmas!



4. Give your children the gift of a debt-free Christmas.

Kids may be too young to know much about finances and debt and how that affects all of us adults. But they are not too young to notice if their parents are feeling happier and less stressed this Christmas because the parents don’t have to worry about credit card bills coming in January from overspending on Christmas.

Use the gifts from the list in this article and from this list of 100+ budget-friendly gifts to make it through Christmas without going into debt.

And next year use this technique to save for Christmas so you never have to worry about how to pay for Christmas again. Impending credit card bills are no fun when it’s Christmastime!

Pro tip: Learn how to have a debt-free Christmas.


Related article: For more money-saving Christmas ideas, check out this huge list of 75+ fun Christmas traditions and activities you can do with your family!


5. Design a Christmas scavenger hunt.

Designing a Christmas scavenger hunt is another fun and free Christmas gift for kids.

My kids really love a scavenger hunt. I grew up doing this at Easter but I see no reason why we can’t do it for Christmas also. At the end of the scavenger hunt can be a gift you purchased or another free gift from this list. To set it up, I come up with places in the house where I can hide the clues.

For Easter we hide the clues in Easter eggs and if you have Christmas-colored eggs, it would be fun to put the clues in those. Or you could roll the clues up and tie a Christmas ribbon around it.

After I have the places where I can hide the clues, I come up with little rhyming lines and leave the destination blank so they have to figure out where the next clue is.

For example: Christmastime is very fun for elves, look for the next clue on the book____. (shelves) Then hide the next clue on the bookshelf. You can make the clues harder or easier depending on what you think your kids can figure out. Start with one clue that you plan to hand to the children, then hide the clues in order so the next clue leads to the next place. At the very end have a special gift or treat for the kids.


6. Create a photo album for an awesome free Christmas present for kids.

My kids also love to look at photos of our family and things we’ve done together. If you have a bunch of photos hanging around, put them all together for easy viewing in a photo album that your children can look through. Perhaps you’re like me and have some unused photo albums laying around that can be put to good use. If you don’t have any physical photos printed off, consider making a photo album on your phone or laptop that the kids can look at and remember the adventures you’ve been on as a family.

7. Make treats with your kids for a fun, free Christmas gift.

What kids don’t love Christmas treats? How fun would it be to make special holiday treats with your children and create fun memories together! Also it teaches them a variety of things like cleanliness while baking, math, baking skills, chemistry, measuring, teamwork, patience (while it bakes and cools), service (if you gift some to others), and so on.

Recipes abound with Christmas treats from cookies, muffins, candies, and so on. Consider letting your kids help decide what to make. Enjoy the treats together with your little bakers! You could also make extras to take to neighbors and friends.

8. Give them your time.

Kids thrive on one-on-one attention from their parents. Set aside some time every day or every week, depending on your availability, to really spend good quality time with your child. Let them lead the conversation. If they are reluctant to talk, ask the open-ended questions.

Also let them tell you about their day. My kids love to tell me about the things their toys did or a cool trick they performed while jumping on the trampoline. You could spend the time enjoying one of the other gifts listed here—looking at photo books, making a special treat, going on a picnic, and so on.

9. Go on a picnic.

If you live in a location where the weather isn’t too cold, you could go on a picnic with your children for a Christmas gift. Kids just love these special little adventures that are out of the ordinary. Consider bringing the foods that they especially like and a special little treat for them. Perhaps you could even pack sports balls or a Frisbee to play with at your destination.

If the weather is too cold where you live, perhaps you could have a picnic in the living room or somewhere inside your house. Bring some fun little games they can play on a blanket laid on the floor. What a fun way to spend some time together and do something out of the ordinary!

10. Make a personalized coupon book for a fun and free Christmas gift for your kids.

You can easily make a personalized coupon book for your kids on your computer. Make a coupon book on your computer with a few coupons on each page. Again, it doesn’t need to be overly fancy or professional looking. We aren’t trying to compete with all the Pinterest-perfect coupon books. Just something simple is fine.

You can create coupons for things such as making a special treat with Mom, going out to eat with Mom or Dad, popcorn and a movie at home, and so on. Print out the pages, cut each coupon out, and staple together on the side. Voila! With the coupon book you and your child can look forward to a special, unique experience as a regular occurrence.

11. Tell your kids a super fun bedtime story about themselves.

This is another fun idea for a free Christmas gift for kids. Kids love bedtime stories! And they love hearing about themselves. 🙂

Instead of the regular prince or princess story adapted from a movie or book you’ve seen or read, this time make up a fun story about your special little listener. Perhaps involve them in a story about their favorite TV show or book.

My kids love Paw Patrol so they would love a story of them saving Adventure Bay right alongside the lovable pups. I bet your kids would love to hear this story over and over and you can tweak and embellish the story and make it better with every telling.

12. Go look at the holiday lights.

Christmas lights are just delightful to look at with kids. I enjoy the holidays more now that I have kids and can watch them experience the wonder of Christmas. It’s wonderful to see Christmas through their eyes.

Many houses and neighborhoods go all out with light displays. Some even have their lights synchronized with a local radio station. Keep an eye out for wonderful displays that you can go visit with your kids. They will love it!

13. Enjoy leisurely, unhurried days as a fun and free Christmas present for your kids.

We live in a frenetic society. Covid-19 has opened many eyes to how a slower life is possible and (for many) desirable. Spending more quality time with family is good. Give your kids the gift of your unhurried time so you can pay attention to them and have time to play with them. Kids thrive with time to use their imaginations and play. Give them time to let their imaginations develop and grow.

14. Gift your kids a year’s worth of outings.

Similar to a coupon book, you could gift your child a year’s worth of outings. A restaurant of their choice, a hike, a trip to the pool or hot springs, a special playground or splash pad that you don’t usually visit (when it’s warmer), and so on.

Use your imagination and think about what fun things you can come up with that your child will look forward to every month. You can have the entire thing full of more free gifts and outings, or if you have room in your budget to spend on outings, you can include some things that will cost some money.

15. Make a song album for them.

If your kids love music, a song album of their very own could be the perfect Christmas gift for them. What kinds of songs do they like to sing to, dance to, fall asleep to, listen to in the car? You could make a special album for Christmas, learning songs, everyday songs, and so on.

This is a gift that they can enjoy for months and years to come. I grew up with my parents singing songs in the car on road trips that are so iconic to my childhood. The memories make me smile and remind me of some really good times. You can help your children develop such memories with song albums they can listen to.

16. Create lasting memories.

Your kids will often not remember the gifts you gave them. But they will recall the memories you make with them! Give your children the gift of lasting memories. There are many ideas in this list that will help you have wonderful experiences with your children and create lasting memories.

Good experiences coupled with movies or photo albums to help them remember the adventures is a great idea.

17. Put together a time capsule.

Putting together a time capsule with your kids could be a great adventure and is another awesome and free Christmas present for your kiddos. What items will they want to put in the capsule? How long will they be willing to wait to open it again? This could be a great way of preserving some memorabilia to enjoy in the future.

Imagine opening the time capsule in five or ten years and pulling out your (sanitized) 2020 mask! Opening the time capsule in the future will be fun to remember the kinds of things they were interested in when they were younger.

18. Help your children learn how blessed they are.

This is something that every kid needs to learn. It comes more naturally to some kids than others. How you choose to teach your kids this depends on your family and situation. Often kids see what their friends have and think they want whatever it is.

It’s hard for kids to realize that they are very blessed when all they see is other kids who have more than they do. Perhaps consider involving your children in donating supplies to a charity organization. Explain to them that some families have very little money and don’t get big Christmas gifts or perhaps no gifts at all. Some even struggle to buy everyday things such as clothes, shoes, school supplies, hygiene supplies, and even food.

You could have your kids think of things they are grateful for every day. Consider having them give thanks for their blessings in their prayers.

19. Make a movie of your kids for an awesome free Christmas gift for kids!

My kids love to watch videos of themselves that I have taken on my phone. If you think your kids would like this gift, take a little extra time and effort to create an extra special gift for them that they will enjoy for months and years to come. Hey, maybe they will even show their future spouse and kids many years down the road!

Perhaps record some special videos to add if you like and make a compilation of videos that you have taken. Gift the recording to your kids on a DVD or on YouTube. They will love watching it again and again. Perhaps you’ll enjoy the process so much that you will continue making family videos and create a wonderful family legacy.

20. Make Christ the center of your Christmas.

Teaching your kids that Christ is at the center of Christmas is so important to their lives.

Does your family have Christmas traditions that focus on Christ instead of presents? Growing up our family always read the nativity story out of Luke. We still do that with my family, and all the grandkids act it out and it is a really special experience.

We sing Christmas songs and enjoy the little nativity play. Some people bake a birthday cake for Jesus. Consider starting your own family tradition that brings Christ back into Christmas.

Christ was always serving those around Him. When you schedule your Christmas plan, consider including service (see more in number 21) and explain to your children that we want to serve others just like Jesus did.

Find more than 20 ideas for how to enjoy a more Christ-centered Christmas.

21. Serve in the community.

Having your kids serve in the community will help them develop character and a heart for service. Few gifts are greater than the ones that develop good character in your children. We all want our children to grow up to be good people and teaching them to love service is a great thing.

There are many opportunities for service all over the country. You and your family could serve in the food kitchen, visit the elderly in retirement homes, sing carols to Christmas shoppers, fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child, give a gift through an Angel Tree, and so on.

Research the opportunities in your town to see what your family could do to serve others.

22. Make play dough for them or with them.

My kids love playing with play dough! It makes a mess that I have to clean up afterward but they love it.

Each time they play we lose a little more play dough. How fun would it be to make your own play dough, either with your child or as a surprise for them to play with?!

23. Make a paint sample bookmark.

If your child enjoys reading or is at all artistic a paint sample bookmark is a perfect gift. This bookmark is so simple, so adaptable to their likes, and so inexpensive.

Just run to the closest hardware store and choose a paint sample card in a color they would like. Trim off excess parts of the card and shape it like a bookmark. Write a note on it or not, whichever you choose is fine.

If you would like to add a tassel of yarn or embroidery thread, punch a hole in one of the thin ends. String the yarn or thread through the hole and create a tassel.

And lastly, gift the bookmark to your little bookworm. If you worry that the bookmark will get ruined because it is not tough enough, you can laminate it if you have laminating supplies at home. If not, put a strip of packing tape on each side of the bookmark and trim the excess off the edges. Perfect!

24. Sign your kids up for free lessons.

Perhaps there is something you want your kids to learn but you don’t have the skills to teach them. Consider seeing if there are classes in your area to learn the skill for free

The 4-H program is a great option for this. Check to see if this is an option where you live and research what kinds of classes they offer. My sister took crochet lessons through the 4-H program for six years or so. If you don’t have 4-H in your area or what your child wants to learn isn’t offered, perhaps there is an online class your child could take.

Or see if there are videos on YouTube. A different sister went to a few crochet lessons but didn’t stick with it. Fifteen years later she looked up some videos on YouTube and is now can crochet fantastic things.

25. Get financial help if you need it.

If your family is really struggling financially this year and you cannot afford to buy any presents for your children, there are programs such as Sub for Santa that can help. Consider searching and applying for assistance this Christmas. 



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And to help you plan for a wonderful debt-free Christmas, grab one of these awesome Christmas savings trackers!


free Christmas Savings Tracker printables









Or grab this fun Christmas savings tracker printable!











Final Thought on Free Christmas Gifts for Kids

Whether you are trying to spend less money this Christmas season or perhaps you just want to branch out and give your child a special, unique gift, the gifts listed here are wonderful things to give your children. Saving money at Christmastime is a great way to boost your financial goals for the new year.

Make Christmas exceptionally fun this year by gifting your child something different, something they will cherish for years to come. Whether it is a physical gift or an experience, the cost isn’t the thing that matters.

What matters is that your children know you love them and you create wonderful memories together that will bind you together forever.



What ideas do you have for fun, free Christmas gifts for kids? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, so please leave a comment below!


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