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Have You Ever Considered Starting a Blog to Make Money?

Have you ever considered starting a blog? Or maybe you even have a hobby blog where you share your fun life stories, favorite recipes, crafting or DIY tips, kids’ antics, or another topic you love and are passionate about?

There are many reasons why you might want to start a blog, but one of the best reasons is that you can make a lot of money doing it while working from home (or anywhere!) on your own schedule and sharing a message that you truly care about!

Note: The excellent, free video training Blogging Made Simple created by 7-figure blogger Ruth Soukup is available for only one week, beginning February 26! Click here to learn more and to register now for this awesome free course!


The Truth about Blogging

I truly love blogging (and I really do think it is the best job in the world!), but I’ll be honest—it can be hard! And frustrating! And confusing! There are so many different aspects of blogging, that it is hard to know sometimes what to focus on and prioritize.

It can be difficult to know what to write about. It can be challenging to make the time to write when life is so full of other important things. And the prospect of becoming a blogger–and particularly a profitable blogger–can seem particularly challenging when you might not be sure you have what it takes to succeed at blogging.

Do you ever feel the same way?  Maybe you wish there was someone out there who could just show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to create a successful blog.

That is exactly what Elite Blog Academy 4.0 was designed to do.


My Experience with Elite Blog Academy

Last year, I decided to enroll in the Elite Blog Academy (EBA).  I wasn’t sure I had what it takes to be a successful, money-making blogger either, but I was willing to take the chance.

And I am very glad I did! I am still new to blogging, but since taking Elite Blog Academy®, I have been able to meet (online) and interact with amazing people, share a message that I am super passionate about, and even make some money doing it!

 I have learned so much about blogging in the last few months since I started doing it, and my life will never be the same again! 

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Now—What about You?

Do you have an idea or a hobby or a topic that you are passionate about? Do you have a message you feel compelled to share? Do you think that blogging is something you would be interested in doing as a way to make money?

Elite Blog Academy is a significant investment of time and money, so I recommend it only for those who are very serious about blogging. But if you are interested in blogging and want a good introduction to how to make money doing it, there is another excellent option you can do—and it is completely free!

EBA® founder Ruth Soukup is offering a free training series starting February 26 called Blogging Made Simple that is totally awesome! Everything that Ruth and the EBA team create is high quality, top-notch stuff. And I have previewed this free video training series, and it is solid foundational information. It’s great!

So if you are interested in the idea of starting a blog to make extra money, sign up for this free training today! You have nothing to lose, and it could open up a whole new world for you like it has for me! You can get registered for the free three-part video training here.


Even More (Excellent!) Free Stuff!

And while you are at it, you should snag the other free resources offered by Elite Blog Academy! (There are 11 of them that I know about!) One of my favorites, and the one that gave me the framework to structure my own blog, was the EBA Blog Structure Blueprint. Download it for free here!

EBA Blog Structure Blueprint


If you have heard of or thought about doing blogging as a way to make money, why not give it a try? But don’t wait! This awesome free Blogging Made Simple video training is available for only one week, starting Tuesday, February 26! So register now!

Don’t have a blog yet? You can start a self-hosted blog (the only way to go if you are interested in possibly making money from blogging) for super cheap!

The hosting service is the provider who gives you real estate on the internet. And you can host a blog for less than $4 a month—sign up here! It really is a minimal commitment to get started. SiteGround is the excellent hosting service that I use and highly recommend! They have excellent customer reviews, and they have been super responsive and helpful the one time I had a question for them. You can learn more here!

Many, many others have made excellent part-time or full-time income with blogging. So why not you? Why not now? Sign up for Blogging Made Simple to get started today!

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