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Blogger Income Reports

If you have ever seen the blogger income reports published by bloggers on their websites, you might have thought it was kind of interesting that they do that. I thought it was interesting, too—thought it was gutsy, and amazingly transparent in a world where in most cases talking about money is a taboo topic and certainly talking about salaries is. A couple of the bloggers that I list below even mention their hesitation in sharing their incomes because of the possible backlash. But those who do also mention that despite their fears, the feedback has been very overwhelmingly positive. But I know it still must be hard to put yourself out there like that.

So kudos to these individuals who publish their monthly blogger income reports for the world to see! Personally, I am so very, very grateful that they do publish their income reports because if they hadn’t, I would never have known that bloggers can actually make money. In my naiveté, I thought that money from the ads and things on the blogs that used them went to Google or something. And obviously in a sense, it does. But I never knew about affiliate marketing (had no clue what that even was), never knew about sponsored ads—none of that. And if I hadn’t learned that bloggers can actually make really good incomes, I never would have had the determination to start my own blog with the intention of being a work-at-home mom.

Because that’s what I’ve wanted to do for years—find a job where I could work from home on my own schedule and actually make a decent living. My husband has been the stay-at-home parent in our family because I was already established in my career when he graduated from college and we had our first little one, and while I don’t allow myself to regret the decision I made to keep working, it’s not how I would like things to be.

So when I learned that personal finance is one of the topics that you can blog about where you are more likely to earn a decent income (though you really can make a good living at blogging in many fields), I was ecstatic! Check out the income reports of these 11 bloggers!

Income Reports of Eight Awesome Bloggers

So here is a nonexhaustive list of some of the bloggers that I follow and their last reported incomes. These are heavily skewed toward personal finance because that’s my passion, but there are a few here who blog in other niches.

Mommy on Purpose. Carly is a mom of two young children and blogs about the adventures of motherhood. She provides helpful information to help moms create their best lives. She no longer posts her income reports online (her last one that she did, six months after she started her blog and close to two years ago now, was for a little over $5,000), but you can sign up to receive them by email (as I have). In her latest income report, she reported that she has been slowly coming off of maternity leave (she just had sweet baby number 2 a few months ago!). She also has additional income related to blogging about blogging (such as a course about Pinterest strategies) that she doesn’t report.

The Busy Budgeter. Rosemarie became passionate about personal finance when she and her husband were able to slash their budget and pay off over $23,000 in debt in one year. She has since turned that passion to blogging and helping people win with their money, and it has paid off big time. She stopped sharing income reports when she started making over $100,000 per month, but the ones she did create shared invaluable insights into the world of blogging revenue as well as expenses and lessons learned.

Believe in a Budget. Kristin is a budgeting guru and a side hustle queen. One of the ways she has skyrocketed her income is to create a course on Pinterest and a course on how to be a Pinterest virtual assistant (since that’s how she was able to quit her full-time job a few years ago). She also recently opened an Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) side business. She now makes over $100,000 a month as a blogger and entrepreneur.

Making Sense of Cents. Michelle has been blogging for eight years about personal finance. Before launching her own affiliate marketing course, she was making over $50,000 a month blogging, and much of that was from money she earned through affiliate marketing. She now earns over $100,000 per month between her blog and her course, with about 10 percent of that going to business expenses.

It’s a Lovely Life. Heather and Pete have a lifestyle and travel blog. About a year ago they also created their own course to teach people how to make money blogging. Before creating their own course they were making more than $30,000 a month blogging, most of which was from providing sponsored content cataloging their travel adventures around the world. Including the sales from their own courses and all other revenues streams, they routinely make over $200,000 per month now—about $150,000 a month after deducting expenses.

Sarah Titus. Sarah was a single mother of two who started a blog in order to work from home and be with her family. She learned to be extremely frugal as she was finding a way to earn an income from home (her initial goal was to earn and to live on $1,000 a month!), and she shared those tips on her blog. She now makes over $1,000,000 a year from her blog and many printables and related products that she sells.

AvocaduAlex and Lauren have a popular health and wellness blog. After growing their blog to make over $100,000 their first year blogging, they are also now teaching others how to create a profitable blog. They now make over $20,000 a month with avocadu.com.

Jennifer Maker. Jennifer has been blogging for two years now. She is a DIY guru and crafter who started her blog just for fun, but she now makes a great (what I really mean to say is a-may-zing!) full-time income. She doesn’t share her income reports on her blog anymore, but she does share them with her email list (which I receive).

Just a Girl and Her Blog. Abby is a mommy blogger with a fun personality who writes largely about home organization and productivity. Her last income report showed that she made over $40,000 per month from her various ventures, including Book Boss, her course that teaches how to write and launch a book in 90 days or less.

Caroline Vencil. Another personal finance blogger, Caroline blogs about enjoying the frugal life and finding ways to earn more money through side hustles. She is one of the newer bloggers (she started her blog back in 2016), but her blog already earns her over $12,000 a month in income.

Money Saving Mom. Crystal blogs about personal finance and shares great deals to help others save more of their hard-earned cash. She’s a blogging veteran and an amazing woman! She was very frugal when she and her husband first got married, which was a big part of the reason that her husband was able to go through law school debt free! (It was a goal that they had.) And they also bought their first home with cash! Crystal doesn’t share actual numbers in her blog (though I know based on what she said that she makes a very good income), but she does share percentages so that you can get an idea that way of how her blog earns money.

Would You Consider Blogging as a Career?

When I learned about blogging as a career, I was like, Eureka! It was perfect—I could write (something that I love to do!) about personal finance (something that I love! love! love!), and I could do it all from home on my own schedule. And I could decide how much to work and control to a large extent my income (which is something that at my regular daytime job I have been sometimes frustrated about because I definitely can’t do that there). So for all of these reasons and several more, blogging is the perfect job for me. (Here are even more reasons that blogging is the best job ever!)

I have loved personal finance for the last 14 years—ever since I got my first full-time job and started saving (a tiny amount) for retirement. I’ve even thought of going back to school and getting a degree in finance. (I went to school in editing and have been doing professional editing as well as freelance writing and editing for the last 15 years, since I graduated.) And I’ve led volunteer personal finance courses in my community. I’ve thought about being a personal finance coach and even writing a book about personal finance. But since I didn’t know how I could make a good living at it without going back to school, it’s just been a thought in the back of my mind. But now I get to share this message that I love!

What about you? Have you considered starting a blog before? Would you want to turn blogging into a career? What message would you share? Leave a comment below and let me know!


I hope you have felt inspired as you have read a little about the messages that are shared by these incredible bloggers. The amazing thing is that these bloggers are all regular people like you and me, who just worked hard (and smart!) to share something that they are passionate about. And they get to earn an awesome income while they do it! Maybe your mind was a little blown, like mine was, to see the amazing earning potential in blogging.

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