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benefits of blogging

What are the benefits of blogging?

One of the main benefits of blogging is that you get to share an important message with the world.

The day I decided to start a blog was one of those rare defining moments when my life changed course forever. You know the kind of day I mean—like the day that you know who you’re going to marry or the day you have your first child. (Though that day was admittedly not as great as either of those two events in my life were, of course. :)) It was the day that I learned about the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement. And learning about that movement was what first gave me the idea to blog—I was so excited!
And then I learned that there are actually people who make a full-time living from blogging, and I was seriously ecstatic! I had been thinking about finding a job where I could work from home for the last several months so that I could be home full-time with our young children, and blogging about something I care so deeply about (personal finance) and potentially making a decent living at it is just a dream come true! I know of many bloggers who have a similar story.
Another of the main benefits of blogging (perhaps the biggest benefit, in my opinion!) is being able to work from home (or from anywhere!). There are many other benefits to blogging. Here are 11 of them. For related information, read this article on 8 reasons that blogging is one of the best jobs ever!

1. You can write about your passion.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is that you can write about something you care deeply about. Unfortunately, more than half of U.S. workers are not engaged in their work, according to a recent study. That’s really sad to me. If you’re going to spend 30 or 40 (or 50 or more) hours a week working, 2,000 hours a year, 80,000-plus hours over the course of your life, it should be doing something that you love. Or at least something that you enjoy.
As a blogger, you get to choose what you want to share! Granted, if you want to make a good living at it, you probably need to narrow it down to one of these topics, but many people can find something in one of those topics that they’re really passionate about. Some bloggers choose not to niche down, and they blog about lifestyle (which can cover various niches), or they simply choose to blog about two or three popular topics rather than one. This popular blog is an example. If done intentionally and thoughtfully, this can work well.
Who wouldn’t want to get paid to get up every day and write about something they love?


2. You can help people.

Another of the benefits of blogging is that you can help other people and make their lives better. For me, the importance of being able to help people is second only to writing about something you care deeply about. That’s because if you don’t care deeply about the topic you’re writing about, you probably won’t want to do it long-term, and then the fact that what you write helps people might not be enough of a motivation to do it. For example, I couldn’t write about sports every day, even though I know it might bring joy to many people!
I’ve thought about being a financial coach or counselor for the last 10 years at least, because of this great desire I have to help people to manage their money well. But I already had a good job, one that I actually do love, and I didn’t know if I could make much money teaching personal finance unless I went back to school for another degree. But when I learned about blogging as a career, I thought, Eureka! I can write in the evenings (and sometimes early mornings) when my kids are sleeping and never even have to leave the house, and the number of people that I can potentially reach is so much more than if I did one-on-one coaching. Awesome!
If you’re able to help people as you blog, not only will you have the satisfaction of writing about something you value deeply, but you’ll be able to help possibly hundreds of thousands of people to improve their lives in small or perhaps even big ways. There’s not much that brings deeper job satisfaction than that.

3. You can influence others.

Maybe that thing that you care deeply about is a cause that you want to help promote. I love to hear when I’ve helped even one person do something different with their money that has changed their life. And you have that potential, too, with every article or post you write. If you hope to bring about change in the world, blogging is a wonderful platform to help you do it.

4. You can become a better writer.

Another great benefit of blogging is that it can help you improve your writing. One of the best ways to become a better writer is to write—a lot. I know that’s not rocket science. If you set a goal to write every day (or at least five days a week) for an hour or two a day, and you make a concerted effort to improve, after six months you will see noticeable results.

5. You can gain more exposure and credibility.

If you want to get your name out there, you can do so by gaining a large readership on your blog. And one of the ways that you can do that is to craft well written, thoughtful, authentic blog posts or articles. Make sure that you do your research so that you write accurate information, and as you blog consistently and build up a collection of articles in your chosen niche, that collection of articles will provide a wealth of helpful information that readers can come back to again and again to find the answers they need. And as you help your readers to solve their problems and improve their lives, they will help to share your message for you, and their sharing and promotion will be even more effective than your own.

6. You can increase your professional network.

Another one of the benefits of blogging is that you can use your blog to increase your professional reach. As you gain more exposure and credibility in your field and increase your readership, you can work to carefully build your professional network. You will certainly be able to build your network with other bloggers in your niche, and you can also work to build your personal brand and expand your network to include other influencers in your field, the media, business leaders, community leaders, and others, depending on the goals you hope to accomplish.

7. You can gain an audience.

If you are an aspiring writer or author, another of the benefits of blogging is that maintaining a blog is a great way to establish an audience. And once you have gained a good-sized audience, you can market your books to that group. If you are able to gain an audience of 500,000 readers a month (not common, but definitely not out of reach if you write in the right niche and work to produce excellent content) and just 2 percent of them purchased one of your books each month, that would be 10,000 books a month.

You would be selling 120,000 books a year (aren’t my math skills great?), and many traditional authors would be happy to have those kinds of numbers. And if you made an average profit of $7 per book, that would be $70,000 a month. I think you could get by on that. 😉
If you want to learn about going from blogger to published author, I recommend the course Ebook by Number by Suzi Whitford. It’s a great course that walks you step by step through the process of creating an ebook to sell. I’ve taken four of Suzi’s courses (two I purchased and one was an introductory, free course), and they have all been excellent.

8. You can sell a product or service.

As mentioned in the paragraph just above, if you want to sell products,  another of the big benefits of blogging is that becoming a blogger and building up an audience who trusts your opinion is a great way to do it.
One of the best ways to make money selling products if you are not ready to create your own or do not want to commit the time to creating your own is through affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote products or services that you use and love and that you know others will love, as well. And you can make great money doing it! There are bloggers who make $20,000 or more a month (one I know of makes over $50,000 a month) through affiliate marketing. To learn more about affiliate marketing and the incredible earning potential, check out this article.
If you would like to earn affiliate income as a blogger, I highly recommend Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. It was the first course that I bought as a new blogger. In the course, Michelle walks you through the basics of affiliate marketing and the best ways to make money through affiliate marketing. So if you believe that starting a blog (or even using Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or other social media sites) to earn affiliate income is something you would enjoy and be good at, then you should take Michelle’s course and incorporate affiliate marketing as one of your methods of generating income.
You can make a lot of money through affiliate marketing!

9. You can market a business or organization.

Creating a blog is also a great way to market your organization. Many companies are using blogs these days to help market their business. By creating content related to their business and specifically to promote their business, they send traffic to their website, which (if they have a good product) leads to more sales and revenue.

10. You can use a blog to get a better job.

Writers, communicators, and anyone really can use their blogs to be able to move up in their careers by showcasing their writing and communication skills and their knowledge and expertise in their field. And professionals in various fields can include their blog as part of their portfolio to highlight their skills. In addition, if you blog consistently (and particularly if you blog prodigiously), your persistent efforts can also show your diligence and hard work, two more highly desirable and marketable characteristics in the workforce.


11. You can make some extra money or potentially earn a great income.

Another one of the huge benefits of blogging is the incredible earning potential. If you’re looking to earn a little extra income from home (or potentially a lot of extra income from home!), blogging can be a great way to do it. In addition to affiliate marketing, there are various other ways that bloggers can earn money. Some of these include guest posting, writing sponsored content, advertising on your blog, seeking sponsorships, charging subscription or membership fees for exclusive content, and selling products. For more information about how bloggers make money, read this article.
If you’re interested in creating a profitable blog, I recommend the Blog by Number course and ebook by Suzi Whitford. It’s the course that I took to get started as a newbie blogger. You can complete the course in less than three hours (not all in one sitting, unless you want to! :D) and have an excellent introduction to how to start a blog and how to begin monetizing it in order to earn money. And the class was just updated this month!

I have taken several of Suzi’s courses now, and they are all excellent. She is an an engaging instructor who teaches in an easy-to-understand and even fun way. She’s great.


There are many great reasons to join the blogosphere. And even if you think you don’t have anything unique or noteworthy to contribute, that’s not true! Your voice and your experiences and perspective are an important addition. So if you have a message you want to share, if you enjoy writing and want to help people to change and improve their lives, and if you love the other benefits of blogging like the limitless (passive) earning potential and flexible schedule and autonomy, then give blogging a try!
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