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Airbnb review



Airbnb Review

 In this article I’m going to give an honest Airbnb review. This Airbnb review will help you know if vacationing and traveling using Airbnb is a good option for you. 



My Honest Airbnb Review: How Airbnb Can Save You Money!

If you love traveling and you love saving money, then this Airbnb review is for you!

Airbnb really is an awesome service that can help you travel on a budget. We have stayed at at least 10 Airbnb locations over the last few years, and we have always had a great experience. In this Airbnb review I am going to share the 5 top reasons that I love Airbnb!

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1. Airbnb can help you save a ton of money on accommodations!

First and foremost, Airbnb can be a great way to save money traveling! If you are looking for ways to save money traveling, then Airbnb is an awesome way to go! I always comparison shop when we travel to see where we can get the most bang for our buck, and so far, Airbnb has been the winner!

When comparing apples to apples (an Airbnb location with a hotel of similar location and price and similar amenities), Airbnb has been the way to go for us!

During our last Airbnb stay, for example, we stayed at a beautiful three bedroom home (we had two of the bedrooms) in a gated community with pool and hot tub, community playground, and more for a little over $200 for four nights.

For a hotel room of good enough quality that I would have felt comfortable and safe staying there (based on the reviews of various hotels in the area), we would have spent at least $100 more. I am very happy to spend that $100 somewhere else! 🙂



 2. Many Airbnb locations have kitchens, so you can save money on food, as well!

Paying for food while traveling can be a huge expense, especially if you feel compelled to eat out much or all of the time because you don’t have a place to prepare and cook meals. At all of the Airbnb locations we have stayed at, there has been a way to prepare food (even if it was only a little kitchenette in one of them), and so we have not had to go out to eat for our meals.

In fact, come to think of it, we haven’t gone out to eat for a full meal while staying at any of them; we have just gone out for dessert or Slurpees or things like that. 🙂 This has got to have saved us at least another $100 on food (and of course the potential savings is much more; that’s if we would have eaten at really inexpensive restaurants) by not having to eat out for our meals!


3. Staying at an Airbnb location is like staying with a friend.

The Airbnb hosts that we have stayed with really have been awesome! In most cases they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make us feel welcome and help us have a great experience on our vacations.

I have never felt that they were too present (in fact, in a couple of instances we have stayed in homes where we never even met the hosts), but I have always felt that when we have met the hosts they have been kind and helpful, telling us the best places to visit and things to do.

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4. I feel safe staying at Airbnb locations.

Feeling safe while I am traveling is a big deal to me especially because sometimes I travel alone with my three young children when my husband isn’t able to come with us.

For the price that we pay, I have definitely felt safer staying at the Airbnb locations that we stayed at than I would have staying at a similarly priced hotel. That does not mean that I would have always felt unsafe staying at a similarly priced hotel, but in some cases I think I definitely would have (because sometimes the hotels in similar price ranges were just ghetto, unfortunately!).






5. The Airbnb amenities have been awesome!

 When we travel we have often stayed in places with a pool and hot tub (because we love hot tubs and our kids love pools! :)).

Most of the Airbnb locations we have stayed at have also had complimentary washer and dryer use included, which means we have been able to travel with fewer clothes and have been able to take care of uh-ohs (we have young kids; they happen :)) without having to pay extra money.

Of course free internet is a must (and yet I know of and have stayed in hotels and resorts where they charge extra for the internet, in this day and age—say what?!), and the internet has been great in all of the Airbnb places we have stayed.

Airbnb locations also have travel niceties like towels, shampoo, soap, and so on. We don’t drink coffee, but that has also always been available.

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In this Airbnb review I have tried to share some of the awesome benefits of staying at the many, many Airbnb locations that are available. If you haven’t taken advantage before of Airbnb while you have traveled, you need to give it a try! And remember, you can get $40 off your first stay (which means it could end up being free) by using this link when you sign up! Enjoy!

Did you find this Airbnb review helpful? Have you stayed at an Airbnb location before? Did you love it? What was your favorite part? Leave a comment and let  us know! I would love to know your thoughts!

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